Secant/Tangent Applet


  1. Click the "f(x)=" button to define function. x2 ="x^2" is the default.
  2. To zoom with the applet, select the "Zoom" button. You are given two choices, in, or out. The window size arguments are changed appropriately
  3. You can set the window size directly using the textboxes.
  4. "Clear" removes all the functions and all function points.
  5. "Reset" resets the range and domain and scale.
  6. Dragging the mouse graphs a sub rectangle, unless the Tangent box is checked, in which case the tangent line moves according to the x-coordinate of the mouse.
  7. The axes and/or function graphs can be "dragged" with the mouse, unless the Tangent box is checked.
  8. The applet is resizeable, in the sense that if you resale the window, and reload, it scales to the size of the visible window...
  9. x1 determines the location of the tangent line.
  10. x2 determins the terminus of the secant, and the second tangent (if tangent box is checked)
  11. If you deselect the tangent and secant checkboxes, you can select an arbitrary number of points on the function. Selecting the tangent and/or secant generates tangent and/or secant lines at all the points.
Note: We can add as many buttons, with sub options, as we want ...