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Texas A&M University

Events for 11/09/2018 from all calendars

Linear Analysis Seminar

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Time: 09:00AM - 5:00PM

Location: BLOC 220

Title: Micro-workshop on Groups, Dynamics and Operator Algebras

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Algebra and Combinatorics Seminar

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Time: 3:00PM - 4:00PM

Location: BLOC 628

Speaker: Westin King, Texas A&M University

Title: Parking on Directed Graphs

Abstract: Parking functions were first defined in the 1960s in order to study collision resolution on hashing tables. Since then, they have appeared nearly ubiquitously throughout combinatorics and have several generalizations. I will present a new generalization which can be thought of as drivers with preferred parking spaces searching for an available parking spot (vertices) along a series of one-way streets (directed edges). I will discuss parking functions on several families of directed graphs, their surprisingly nice enumeration, and multiple further research directions for this generalization.