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Inverse Problems Seminar

Date: December 6, 2017

Time: 12:00PM - 1:00PM

Location: BLOC 628

Speaker: Dr. Matthew Lewis, UT Southwest Medical Center, Radiology Department


Title: Secrets of Spectral Computed Tomography

Abstract: In the past ten years, all three major vendors of clinical CT have released different kinds of CT systems that exploit the energy-dependence of X-ray attenuation. In this talk, I will discuss the dimensionality of X-ray contrast and how these different CT systems work. Examples of artifacts of unknown origin will be presented and related to model non-linearities. Model errors due to K-edges will also be presented, with a question to applied mathematicians: how can we exploit these singularities in novel ways? Lastly, I will conclude with a discussion of next generation photon-counting spectral CT.