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MATH 166 - Topics in Contemporary Mathematics II - Spring 2016

Credits 3. 3 Lecture Hours.

Finite mathematics, matrices, probability and applications. No credit will be given for more than one of MATH 140, MATH 141 and MATH 166.
Prerequisites: High school algebra I and II and geometry.

Weekly Schedule
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Sec Instructor Lecture
501 Wen Liu MWF 12:40-1:30pm HECC 203
502 David Joseph Manuel TR 9:35-10:50am HELD 111
503 David Joseph Manuel TR 11:10-12:25pm HELD 111
504 Joseph Edward Kahlig TR 2:20-3:35pm HELD 111
505 Tamara Anthony Carter TR 3:55-5:10pm RICH 114
506 Rashi Arora MWF 12:40-1:30pm HELD 107