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MATH 221 - Several Variable Calculus - Spring 2018

Credits 4. 4 Lecture Hours.

Vector algebra and solid analytic geometry; calculus of functions of several variables; Lagrange multipliers; multiple integration, theory, methods and application; line and surface integrals, Green's and Stokes' theorems; Jacobians. Designed to be more demanding than MATH 251 and MATH 253. No credit will be given for more than one of MATH 221, MATH 251 and MATH 253.
Prerequisite: MATH 148, MATH 152, or MATH 172.

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Sec Instructor Lecture
501 Kenneth Dykema TR 9:35-10:50am BLOC 121
501 Kenneth Dykema W 3:00-3:50pm BLOC 117
502 Oksana Shatalov TR 2:20-3:35pm BLOC 160
502 Oksana Shatalov W 4:10-5:00pm BLOC 117