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MATH 309 - Linear Algebra for Differential Equations - Fall 2018

Credits 3. 3 Lecture Hours.

Systems of linear equations, matrices, determinants, vector spaces, linear transformations, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, diagonalization, inner product spaces, orthogonal functions, separation of variables, Fourier series, Bessel functions. No credit will be given for more than one of MATH 304, MATH 309, MATH 311 and MATH 323.
Prerequisites: MATH 221, MATH 251, or MATH 253; MATH 308 or concurrent enrollment; junior or senior classification or approval of instructor.

Current SyllabusWeekly Schedule


Sec Instructor Lecture
501 Prabir Daripa TR 11:10-12:25pm BLOC 161
502 Stephen Fulling TR 3:55-5:10pm BLOC 163