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MATH 437 - Principles of Numerical Analysis - Fall 2017

Credits 4. 3 Lecture Hours. 3 Lab Hours.

Mathematical principles of numerical analysis and their application to the study of particular methods; fixed-point iteration, Newton's method; normed vector spaces and operators, Schur decomposition, convergent matrices, minimization methods, conjugate gradient method; polynomial interpolation of Lagrange and Hermite; best approximation, Bernstein and Weierstrass Theorems, numerical quadrature.
Prerequisites: MATH 304, MATH 309, MATH 311, or MATH 323; MATH 308; MATH 409; ability to program; junior or senior classification.


Sec Instructor Lecture Recitation/Computer Lab
500 Bojan Popov MW 3:00-4:15pm BLOC 163
R 3:55-4:45pm BLOC 122