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Distance Education - M.S. in Mathematics

Program Description

This 36-semester hour graduate program is designed for individuals with interests in mathematics, with a particular desire to teach in K-12 and community colleges or in computational math. Primarily this program is intended for individuals with with a solid background in mathematics, such as a degree in a mathematically related subject. However, others are encouraged to apply as well.

Because Texas A&M offers the G6 classification, which is a postgraduate nondegree-seeking status, it is not necessary to enroll in graduate school to enjoy the benefits of the program.


Computational track requirements

Teaching track requirements

To apply

To enroll you must apply to graduate school or as a G6 (non-degree seeking) student. If only needing a few hours, best to apply as a G6. In addition the course/s you take as a G6 (up to 12 hours) will transfer to the graduate program here, should you enroll later. Please note, if applying for a degree after G6 status, you will re-apply (applyTexas)and submit the fee. In addition, the General GRE and two of your three references will come from two online math instructors and one outside .

Distance education platforms

All courses will be taught over the Internet. Courses are listed with the section 7xx designation, e.g. MATH 629-700/720 indicates the distance version of Math 629 for in-state and out-of-state, respectively.

Course Examinations

The courses will all require student evaluations or examinations during the semester. The evaluations may be in the form of take-home comprehensive examinations, research projects, or semester projects. The evaluation instructions will be submitted either by traditional mail, email, downloadable web sites, or facsimile, at the discretion of the instructor. The uniformity and content of all examinations will be the same whether students are on or off campus.

Final Degree Program Examination

After completing all program requirements, all M.S. students will be required to complete an oral final examination that will be administered via WebEx with a power point presentation.

For information about this program please contact:

Judy Muzny
Administrative Assistant for Distance Programs
Department of Mathematics
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-3368

Last updated: September 10, 2015