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Admission and Requirements

A student needs to have taken 96 credit hours of coursework in order to be admitted into the FastTrack program. The following additional requirements are necessary:

  • The student must have 9 credit hours of honors Math courses, at least 3 of which are at the 400 level.
  • Math 409 and Math 415 must be amongst the courses taken.
  • Both the overall and major GPA must be 3.5 or higher;
  • The 96 credit hours must cover all but at most 2 courses to complete the core curriculum.

Once these requirements are fulfilled, students will be eligible to apply for admission into the FastTrack program typically during their junior year.

Students admitted into the program will maintain an undergraduate classification (U4) until they reach 108 credit hours, at which point they will be re-classified as degree-seeking Master's graduate students (G7). For this switch to occur, students must maintain the GPA requirements described above and must also satisfy the same conditions required from any other candidate applying to the Master's program:

  • GRE scores should be submitted prior to the completion of the 108 hours.
  • Students must submit 3 letters of recommendation from their professors.
  • The candidacy must be approved by the Graduate Committee.

The switch will typically take place during the Spring semester of their 4th year.