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FastTrack Program Description

Upon admission in the FastTrack program, students will have completed at least 96 hours towards the completion of their Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts or APMS (Applied Mathematical Sciences) degree in Mathematics.

The program will allow up to 6 credit hours of dual credit. Under this provision, students may use graduate courses to obtain credits towards the completion of the Undergraduate and Master's degrees. Any graduate course may be used towards dual credit, with the following exclusions:

  • Math 601, Math 695 and Math 696 cannot be used for dual credit.
  • If a student takes an Undergraduate version of a Graduate course and subsequently takes the Graduate version, then this Graduate course cannot be used for dual credit.

Using a combination of Graduate and Undergraduate level courses, students need to cover all courses necessary for the completion of the chosen undergraduate degree, according to Texas A&M University's Undergraduate Catalog.

In order to be conferred the Master's degree, students will be required to complete the same basic 36 credit hour curriculum for the non-thesis option or the 32 credit hour curriculum for the thesis option as any other student admitted into the Master's program in the Department of Mathematics. The specific course requirements for each of the tracks in our Master's program are displayed in the Department's web page.

International students will be required to fulfill the same language requirements that are required from any other international applicant. A waiver of these requirements may be issued, on an individual basis and upon interview, when the students have been in US throughout their Undergraduate studies.