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Power Team Questions -- Fall 2000

Any School can still enter one or more Power Teams!!

Simply print the exams and give them to your students. You can take care of the registration online or on the day of the contest.
Your power team must choose one of the problem sets below. Feel free to spend as much (or little) time on each problem set before making your final decision. Notice that each choice is posted in html and pdf formats. Please check the print-outs carefully!! In particular, negative signs sometimes do not print properly from pdf files.

Contact Mike Stecher with any problems obtaining the problem sets. Each problem will be graded based upon the correctness of the solution, the novelty of the approach, and the clarity of the explanation. Students may use any non-human resource.

Cycles in Nets: html pdf Associated Figures

Getting Close to Sets: html, pdf and Associated Figure.

Good Luck!! All hand delivered submissions are due by 9:15 am on the day of the contest! FAXed submissions will be accepted provided they are received no later than 8:00 am on the day of the contest. FAXed solutions should be sent to 979-862-4190, attention Jeff Morgan.