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Simulation of Multicomponent Forchheimer Flow in Porous Media


  • Mathematical Aspects:
    • Partial Differential Equations: Mixed Finite Element Method
    • Nonlinear equation: Inexact Uzawa Algorithm
    • Conservation law: Higher Order Godunov Method
  • Flow in Porous Media:

Description of the Model

In this computational model, the reservoir is initially filled with 3 components - methane, ethane, and propane. Each gas has concentration of .3, .3, and .4 respectively. Propane is reinjected at the injection well.

The domain is a square with each side length 5000ft. We place a production well is at (0,5000) and an injection well at (5000,0).

At day 1200, a 'breakthrough' is observed. At this point, the injected component starts to be produced.

Some Results