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VIGRE Seminars

The VIGRE seminar courses are a key innovative feature of our VIGRE program. Here are some of the benefits to participation in these seminars.

  • Students get to experience what mathematical research involves, they are exposed to new areas of mathematics (often ones not covered in the standard curriculum), they improve their communication skills, they participate in collaborative research. They also receive regular course credit.
  • Advanced students learn about mentoring other students.
  • Postdocs gain experience in directing research.
  • Senior faculty get to work with enthusiastic younger participants. They also may get teaching credit.

Here is what's planned for next semester:

Summer/Fall 2004

What follows is a reverse chronological list of our VIGRE seminars with links to more detailed information about each seminar. Although the effective date of the VIGRE award was July 1, 2000, the department internally funded some seminars prior to that date as "test runs".