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Algebra and Combinatorics Seminar

The seminar's organizers for Fall 2018 are Yue Cai, Catherine Yan and Sarah Witherspoon.

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LocationSpeaker Title click for abstract
iCal 08/31
BLOC 628 Catherine, Sarah, Yue Organizing meeting
iCal 09/07
BLOC 628 Sarah Witherspoon
Texas A&M University
Lie algebra structure on derivations and Hochschild cohomology
iCal 09/14
BLOC 628 Jurij Volcic
Texas A&M University
Multipartite rational functions: the universal skew field of fractions of a tensor product of free algebras
iCal 09/21
BLOC 628 Chun-Hung Liu
Texas A&M University
Clustered coloring on old graph coloring conjectures
iCal 09/28
BLOC 628 Laura Matusevich
Texas A&M University
Standard pairs
iCal 10/05
BLOC 628 Li Ying
Texas A&M University
Generalized stability of Heisenberg coefficients
iCal 10/12
BLOC 628 Andrew Maurer
University of Georgia
Relative Cohomology of Classical Lie Superalgebras
iCal 10/19
BLOC 628 Frank Sottile
Texas A&M University
A geometric proof of an equivariant Pieri rule for flag manifolds
iCal 10/26
BLOC 628 Anastasia Chavez
University of California, Davis
Dual Equivalence Graphs and CAT(0) Combinatorics
iCal 11/02
BLOC 628 Emily Witt
University of Kansas
Connectedness and local cohomology
iCal 11/09
BLOC 628 Westin King
Texas A&M University
Parking on Directed Graphs
iCal 11/30
BLOC 628 Dmitri Nikshych
University of New Hampshire
Quantum Manin pairs and fusion categories
iCal 12/05
BLOC 628 Yeong-Nan Yeh
Institute of Mathematics, Academia Sinica


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