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Algebra and Combinatorics Seminar

The seminar's organizers for Spring 2018 are Julia Plavnik, and Eric Rowell.

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iCal 01/19
BLOC 628 Anton Dochtermann
Texas State University
Coparking functions and h-vectors of matroids
iCal 01/26
BLOC 628 Karina Batistelli
U. N. Cordoba
Some Lie subalgebras of the matrix quantum pseudo-differential operators
iCal 01/30
BLOC 220 Davis Penneys
The Ohio State University
Exotic fusion categories: EH3 exists!
iCal 02/02
BLOC 628 Daniel Creamer
Texas A&M University
A Computational Approach to Classifying Modular Categories by Rank
iCal 02/09
BLOC 628 Nathan Williams
UT Dallas
Fixed Points of Parking Functions
iCal 02/10
BLOCKER  Combinatexas
iCal 02/11
BLOCKER  Combinatexas
iCal 02/16
BLOC 628 Alex Kunin
Penn State University
Hyperplane neural codes and the polar complex
iCal 02/23
BLOC 628 Ka Ho Wong
Chinese University of Hong Kong
Asymptotic expansion formula for the colored Jones polynomial and Turaev-Viro invariant for the figure eight knot
iCal 03/02
BLOC 628 Shilin Yu
Texas A&M University
Quantization and representation theory
iCal 03/23
BLOC 628 Dimitar Grantcharov
UT Arlington
Singular Gelfand-Tsetlin Modules and BGG Differential Operators
iCal 04/13
BLOC 628 Sarah Witherspoon & Catherine Yan Algebra and Combinatorics Spring 2019 Course Discussion.
iCal 04/13
BLOC 220 Jurij Volcic 
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Joint Algebra and Combinatorics - Linear Analysis seminar. A Nullstellensatz for noncommutative polynomials: advances in determinantal representations
iCal 04/20
BLOC 628 Aleksandra Sobieska
Texas A&M University
Counterexamples for Cohen-Macaulayness
iCal 04/27
BLOC 628 Xingting Wang
Temple University
Noncommutative algebra from a geometric point of view


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