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A&C Seminar:  Fall 2008, Fridays, Milner 317, 3:00–3:50 p.m.

October 31 Michael Anshelevich (TAMU)
3:00–3:50 Measures, orthogonal polynomials, and continued fractions
Abstract:   This general-purpose talk will be more in the style of a working seminar, in the sense that it will contain a number of (elementary) concrete calculations and proofs. Most of the results I will explain were well-known 50 years ago, but may have fallen into utterly undeserved obscurity. Specifically, I will describe, and prove, the relationship between measures, orthogonal polynomials, and continued fractions. Some names associated with these topics are Stieltjes, Szego, Simon, and other people not beginning with an S.