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Texas A&M University

Algebra and Combinatorics Seminar

The seminar's organizers for Fall 2018 are Yue Cai, Catherine Yan and Sarah Witherspoon.

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iCal 01/23
MILN 216 Organizational Meeting
iCal 01/30
MILN 317 Marcelo Aguiar
The Hopf monoid of generalized permutehedra
iCal 02/06
MILN 317 J.M. Landsberg
On the geometry of holographic algorithms
iCal 02/13
MILN 317 Aaron Lauve
Hopf structures on binary trees (variations on a theme)
iCal 02/19
MILN 317 Sonia Natale
U. Nacional de Córdoba – Argentina
Simple Hopf algebras and finite groups
iCal 02/20
MILN 317 Nicolás Andruskiewitsch
U. Nacional de Córdoba – Argentina
On the classification of finite-dimensional pointed Hopf algebras
iCal 02/27
MILN 317 Martin Malandro
Sam Houston State University
Fast Fourier Transforms for Inverse Semigroups
iCal 03/06
MILN 317 Kyle Petersen
University of Michigan
Promotion and cyclic sieving
iCal 03/13
MILN 317 John Irving
Saint Mary's University, Nova Scotia
Transitive Factorizations in the Symmetric Group
iCal 03/27
MILN 317 Kia Dalili
University of Missouri
Asymptotic behavior of value semi-groups
iCal 03/30
MILN 216 Bill Schmitt
George Washington University
The free splice of matroids
iCal 04/03
MILN 317 Svetlana Poznanovik
Major index for 01-fillings of moon polyominoes
iCal 04/10
MILN 317 Philip Matchett Wood 
Rutgers University
On the probability that a discrete complex random matrix is singular
iCal 04/17
MILN 317 Daniel Redelmeier
Hyperpfaffians and their applications to combinatorics
iCal 04/21
MILN 317 Igor Pak
University of Minnesota
MacMahon's master theorem and its generalizations
iCal 04/24
MILN 317 Fernando Rodriguez Villegas
University of Texas
Rational and Algebraic Hypergeometric Functions
iCal 05/01
MILN 317 Joerg Feldvoss
University of South Alabama
Complexity, Varieties, and Representation Type