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Geometry Seminar

The seminar meets Mondays at 3 o'clock and Fridays at 4 o'clock, in BLOC 628. Talks are 50-60 minutes. Visitor Information. How to Give a Good Colloquium by John E. McCarthy.

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LocationSpeaker Title click for abstract
iCal 08/31
BLOC 628 Frank Sottile
Texas A&M University
Galois Groups for Systems of Sparse Polynomials
iCal 09/03
BLOC 628 A. Conner
Tensors with large symmetry groups
iCal 09/07
BLOC 628 Rafael Oliveria
U. Toronto
Scaling algorithms, applications and the null-cone problem
iCal 09/10
BLOC 628 JM Landsberg
Several astounding conjectures on the asymptotic geometry of tensors.
iCal 10/01
BLOC 628 Guangbo Xu
Simons Center of Geometry and Physics of Stony Brook
Bershadsky-Cecotti-Ooguri-Vafa torsion of Landau-Ginzburg Models
iCal 10/12
BLOC 628 B. Ullery
The gonality of complete intersection curves (Postponed)
iCal 10/15
BLOC 628 Sam Raskin
UT Austin
An overview of local geometric Langlands
iCal 10/19
BLOC 628 Yue Ren
MPI MiS Leipzig
iCal 10/26
BLOC 628 Dylan Allegretti 
University of Sheffield
The monodromy of meromorphic projective structures
iCal 10/29
BLOC 628 C. Ikenmeyer
Simons Inst. and Saarbruchen
On Algebraic Branching Programs of Small Width
iCal 11/02
BLOC 628 Sebastian Casalaina-Martin
University of Colorado at Boulder.
Distinguished models of intermediate Jacobians
iCal 11/03
BLOC 149 Texas Algebraic Geometry Symposium, Fall Workshop
iCal 11/04
BLOC 149 Texas Algebraic Geometry Symposium, Fall Workshop
iCal 11/16
BLOC 628 Giulio Belletti
Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa
Asymptotics of Turaev-Viro invariants and volume
iCal 11/19
BLOC 628 Shuang Ming
UC Davis
On TQFT representations of mapping class groups with boundary
iCal 11/26
BLOC 628 F. Gesmundo
U. Copenhagen
Rank of forms and partial derivatives
iCal 11/30
BLOC 628 S. Gong TBA


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