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Geometry Seminar

The seminar meets Mondays at 3 o'clock in BLOC 220, and Fridays at 4 o'clock in BLOC 117. Talks are 50-60 minutes. Visitor Information. How to Give a Good Colloquium by John E. McCarthy.

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iCal 01/22
BLOC 628 Frank Sottile
Newton-Okounkov Bodies for Applications
iCal 02/09
BLOC 628 Tri Lai
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Tilings and More
iCal 02/16
BLOC 628 Sara Maloni
University of Virginia
The geometry of quasi-Hitchin symplectic Anosov representations
iCal 02/19
BLOC 628 Francis Bonahon
The relation (X+Y)^n = X^n + Y^n, and miraculous cancellations in quantum SL_2
iCal 02/26
BLOC 628 Ron Rosenthal
Random Steiner complexes
iCal 03/02
BLOC 628 J. Weyman
U. Conn.
Resonance varieties
iCal 03/05
BLOC 628 Frank Sottile
Texas A&M University
Intersection Theory in Numerical Algebraic Geometry
iCal 03/26
BLOC 628 Cris Negron
Cohomology for Drinfeld doubles of finite group scheme
iCal 04/02
BLOC 628 Gregory Pearlstein
Texas A&M
Hodge theory, Gromov-Witten theory and representation theory
iCal 04/05
BLOC 628- Note s N. Ressayre
U. Lyon
On the tensor semigroup of affine Kac-Moody Lie algebras.
iCal 04/06
Texas Algebraic Geometry Seminar
iCal 04/07
Texas Algebraic Geometry Seminar
iCal 04/08
Texas Algebraic Geometry Seminar
iCal 04/09
BLOC 628 Zhiwei Zheng
Tsinghua University
Moduli of Symmetric Cubic Fourfolds
iCal 04/13
BLOC 628 Renaud Detcherry
Michigan State Universeity
Quantum representations and monodromies of fibered links
iCal 04/16
BLOC 628 Christine Lee
UT Austin
A knot with no tail
iCal 04/20
BLOC 628 F. Gesmundo
U. Cophenhagen
Cactus rank and multihomogeneous polynomials
iCal 04/23
BLOC 220 Shamgar Gurevich
University of Wisconsin
A look on Representations of SL(2,q) through the Lens of Size
iCal 04/27
BLOC 628 Jen Berg
Odd order transcendental obstructions to the Hasse principle on general K3 surfaces
iCal 04/30
BLOC 628 Christopher O'Neill
UC Davis
Random numerical semigroups


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