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Texas A&M University

Industrial and Applied Math

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iCal 02/11
BLOC 220 Matthias Maier
Texas A&M University
Finite element methods and adaptive strategies for multiscale problems
iCal 03/04
BLOC 220 Tarun Verma
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Variability and Predictability of the Arctic Freshwater System in Community Earth System Model (CESM) Initialized Decadal Predictions
iCal 03/06
BLOC 628 Brian Freno
Sandia National Laboratory
iCal 03/25
BLOC 220 Carsten Conradi
HTW Berlin
Establishing multistationarity conditions for polynomial ODEs in biology
iCal 04/08
BLOC 220 Rachel Neville
University of Arizona
Topological Techniques for the Characterization of Pattern Forming Systems

The organizer for this seminar is Peter Howard