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Texas A&M University

Industrial and Applied Math

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iCal 09/24
BLOC 117 Manuel Quezada de Luna
A monolithic conservative level set method with built-in redistancing
iCal 10/08
BLOC 117 Jonathan Tyler
Texas A&M
Mathematical Modeling in the Pharmaceuticals
iCal 10/29
BLOC 220 Timo de Wolff
TU Berlin
An Experimental Comparison of SONC and SOS Certificates for Unconstrained Optimization
iCal 11/12
BLOC 220 Sourav Dutta
Reduced Order Modeling for Coastal and Hydraulic Applications in the Corps of Engineers
iCal 11/19
BLOC 220 Angelica Torres
University of Copenhagen
Stability of steady states and algebraic parameterizations in chemical reaction networks

The organizer for this seminar is Peter Howard