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Texas A&M University

Number Theory Seminar

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iCal 02/13
BLOC 624 Maurice Rojas
Texas A&M University
Faster point counting over prime power rings and pseudo-random generators
iCal 02/20
BLOC 220 Matt Papanikolas
Texas A&M University
Hyperderivative power sums and Carlitz multiplication coefficients
iCal 02/27
BLOC 220 Adrián Barquero Sánchez
Universidad de Costa Rica
Faltings heights and a non-abelian Chowla-Selberg formula for CM abelian varieties
iCal 03/18
BLOC 220 Laura DeMarco
Northwestern University
Heights on P^1 and unlikely intersections
iCal 03/27
BLOC 220 Wei-Lun Tsai
Texas A&M University
Arithmetic statistics of canonical Hecke L-functions
iCal 04/03
BLOC 220 Wei-Cheng Huang
Texas A&M University
A t-motivic interpretation of shuffle relations for multizeta values
iCal 04/17
BLOC 220 Rizwan Khan
University of Mississippi
Non-vanishing of Dirichlet L-functions
iCal 04/24
BLOC 220 Ian Petrow
ETH Zürich
The Weyl law for algebraic tori

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