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Numerical Analysis Seminar

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iCal 01/31
BLOC 628 Christian Klingenberg
Würzburg University
The inititial value problem for the multidimensional system of compressible gas dynamics may have infinitely many weak solutions
iCal 02/20
BLOC 220 Dmitri Kuzmin
Dortmund University of Technology
Bounds-preserving limiters for continuous high-order finite element discretizations of hyperbolic conservation laws
iCal 02/21
BLOC 628 John N. Shadid
Sandia National Laboratories
On Scalable Solution of Implicit FE Continuum Plasma Physics Models
iCal 02/28
BLOC 628 Abner Salgado
University of Tennessee
Finite element approximation of nonconvex uniformly elliptic fully nonlinear equations
iCal 04/04
BLOC 628 Ridgway Scott
Professor Emeritus, The University of Chicago
Automated Modeling with FEniCS
iCal 04/18
BLOC 628 Marta D’Elia
Sandia National Laboratories
An optimization-based coupling strategy for local and nonlocal elasticity problems
iCal 04/25
BLOC 628 Jesse Chan
Rice University
Discretely entropy stable high order methods for nonlinear conservation laws


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The organizer for this seminar is Bojan Popov.