Numerical Analysis Seminar Talks, Fall 2001

August 23, 2001

Speaker: Dr. Gabriel Wittum,
Heidelberg University
Title: Numerical Simulation of Processes in Science and Engineering

September 12, 2001

Speaker: Dr. Angela Kunoth,
Institut fuer Angewandte Mathematik Universitaet Bonn, Germany
Title: Wavelet Methods for Control Problems Involving Elliptic Boundary Value Problems

October 10, 2001

Speaker: Giancarlo Sangalli,
Dipartimento di Matematica di Pavia, Italy
Title: Analysis and numerical approximation of advection-diffusion problems

October 15, 2001

Speaker: Dr. Peter Binev,
University of South Carolina
Title: On Adaptive Refinement for Elliptic PDEs

October 24, 2001

Speaker: Jun Zhao,
Texas A&M University
Title: Overlapping Schwarz methods in H(curl)

October 31, 2001

Speaker: Stanimire Tomov,
Department of Mathematics, Texas A&M University
Title: Adaptive Methods for Finite Volume Approximations

November 05, 2001

Speaker: Dr. Alexander Kurganov,
Tulane University
Title: Central-Upwind Schemes for Systems of Hyperbolic Conservation and Balance Laws

November 14, 2001

Speaker: Prof. Smadar Karni,
University of Michigan
Title: Numerical algorithms for Computing Compressible Multifluid Flows

November 28, 2001

Speaker: Dr. Ping Yang,
Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Texas A&M University
Title: Numerical Modeling of Light Scattering by Nonspherical Particles Using Finite-Difference Time Domain Method and Ray-Tracing Technique

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