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Numerical Analysis Seminar Talks, Spring 1996

January 17, 1996
Speaker : Dr. Zbigniew Leyk, Texas A&M University
Title : "Nonstandard estimates for the largest eigenpair by the power and Lanczos algorithm".

January 24, 1996
Speaker : Prof. Raytcho Lazarov, Texas A&M University
Title : "Overlapping Domain Decomposition Algorithms for Mixed Finite Element Approximation of Parabolic Problems".

January 31, 1996
Speaker : Prof. Panayot Vassilevski, Texas A&M University and Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Title : "Wavelet--like stabilization of hierarchical basis methods".

February 7, 1996
Speaker : Dr. Ludmil Zikatanov, UCLA
Title : "The Precise Asymptotic Convergence Rate of the Gauss-Seidel Method for Tridiagonal Topliez Matrices".

February 14, 1996
Speaker : Prof. Pavel Bochev, U. T. Arlington
Title : "Finite Element Methods of Least-Squares Type"

February 21, 1996
Speaker : Mr. Tong Sun, Texas A&M University
Title : "A Least Square Method for Reissner-Mindlin Plate".

February 28, 1996
Speaker : Prof. Lars Wahlbin, Cornell University
Title : "Some principles for superconvergence in finite element methods".

March 6, 1996
Speaker : Prof. Peter Shi, University of Texas at Austin and U. of Oakland, Michigan
Title : "A generalized least-square mixed method for partial differential equations"

March 20, 1996
Speaker : Prof. Richard Ewing, Texas A&M University
Title : "Mathematical Modeling of Environmentally Related Problems"

March 25, 1996
Speaker : Prof. Ronald H.W. Hoppe, University of Augsburg, Germany
Title : "Multilevel Mixed Finite Element Methods For Elliptic Boundary Value Problems"

March 27, 1996
Speaker : Prof. Ridgway Scott, The University of Houston
Title : "High performance computing in structural biology"

March 28, 1996
Speaker : Prof. Jim Sochacki, James Madison University
Title : "Reconsidering the Interface Conditions for Acoustic and Elastic Wave Propagation"

April 1, 1996
Speaker : Prof. Barbara Wohlmuth, University of Augsburg, Germany
Title : "A posteriori error estimators for mixed finite element discretizations"

April 10, 1996
Speaker : Prof. Ihlenburg, University of Texas at Austin
Title : "Error estimation for Helmholtz problems with high wave number"

April 17, 1996
Speaker : Prof. Joe Pasciak, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Title : " Domain decomposition method and applications"

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