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Numerical Analysis Seminar Talks, Spring 1999

January 27, 1999

Speaker: Prof. Pierre Gremaud, North Carolina State University
Title: Numerical Analysis of Hyperbolic Conservation Laws and Related Problems

February 3, 1999

Speaker: Dr. Olaf Steinbach, ISC & University of Stuttgart, Germany
Title: Mixed Approximations for Boundary Elements

February 11, 1999 (Colloquium)

Speaker: Prof. Vivette Girault, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris
Title: Grade-two Fulid Models: Theoretical Remarks and Some Numerical Schemes

February 17, 1999

Speaker: Prof. Mohammed Ziane, Texas A&M University
Title: Long Time Behavior of the Navier-Stokes Equations of One-Dimensional, Compressible Flow

February 22-25, 1999 (Frontier Lectures)

Speaker: Prof. Wolfgang Wendland, University of Stuttgart
Title: Feb 22 (Graduate) Stability and Convergence of Boundary Integral Equations in Variational Form
Feb 24 (Specialist) Recovery, Extraction and Convergence Improvement of Boundary Element Methods
Feb 25 (Colloquium) On Solution Methods and Applications of Boundary Integral Equations
* Feb 19 (Preparatory Talk) - Boundary Element Methods: An Introduction (by Dr. Olaf Steinbach)

March 3, 1999

Texas Finite Element Rodeo

March 10, 1999

Speaker: Dr. Mohamed Jaoua, ENIT-LAMSIN (Tunisia)
Title: Identification of Heat Exchange Coefficients by the Means of Boundary Measurements

March 22-24, 1999 (Frontier Lectures)

Speaker: Dr. Margaret Wright, Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies
Title: Mar 22 (Graduate) From Proofs to Products (Mathematics in Industry)
Mar 23 (Colloquium) The Interior-point Revolution in Constrained Optimization
Mar 24 (Specialist) Algorithmic Issues in Interior Methods

March 30, 1999

Speaker: Dr. Jerome Jaffre, INRIA
Title: Domain Decomposition Techniques for Flow On Porous Media

March 31, 1999

Speaker: Dr. Jurgen Fuhrmann, Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics
Title: Finite Volume Discretizations of Systems of Viscous Nonlinear Conservation Laws: Theoretical, Experimental and Implementational Issues

April 7, 1999

Speaker: Prof. Stephen A. Fulling, Texas A&M University
Title: Trigonometric Quadrature and Aliasing in the Time-Dependent Schr\"odinger Equation

April 14, 1999

Speaker: Dr. Padmanabhan Seshaiyer, Bio-Medical Engineering Dept., Texas A&M University
Title: Non-Conforming $hp$ Finite Element Methods

April 21, 1999

Speaker: Prof. Jinchao Xu, Pennsylvania State University
Title: Some New Multilevel Methods for PDEs

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