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BA in MATH (Non-Certification - 120 hrs, Catalog 135)

Math Core 171, 172, 220, 221, 323, 308, 409 24
Math Elec.
(see note 1)
415 or 433, 467, 403, 4xx, 4xx 15
Science Elec.
(see note 3)
elec, elec, PHYS 218 12
Core Elec.
(see note 4)
ENGL 104, ENGL Lit, ENGL 241 or 301 or 2311 at jr. college, VPA, Soc. Sci., ICD (6 hrs.) 21
(see note 5)
HIST 105, HIST 106, POLS 206, POLS 207 12
Free Elec.
(see note 5)
Minor Elective(see note 6) 18
Req KINE 198, 199 2


  1. Math Electives: (15 hours) Take Math 415/423/433. MATH 415 is taught only in the fall and MATH 433 is taught both in the spring and summer). Nine of the 12 hours of math electives are to be from any 400- or 600-level MATH, excluding MATH 401 and 601. The last three hours can be from any 400- or 600-level MATH, excluding MATH 401 and 601, any 400-level STAT, CSCE 210 or higher, or any 400-level ISEN, excluding any 485 course in any department without permissin of a departmental advisor. Students who plan to attend graduate school are encouraged to take MATH 416, 447 and at least one 600-level course.

  2. Science Electives: (8 hours) Select 2 courses from CHEM 101/111 (or 107), CHEM 102/112, BIOL 111, BIOL 112.

  3. Core Electives: (21 hours) Take ENGL 104 (3 hours), ENGL lit. (3 hours), ENGL 241 or 301 or 2311 at jr. coll. (3 hours), a Social Science CORE course (3 hours), and 3 hours of a Visual and Performing Arts CORE course. For a list of the acceptable ENGL literature, Social Science, and Visual/Performing Arts courses, please see your catalogue at Undergraduate Catalog Listings. The English Literature elective must be chosen from the list of Humanities electives. Students with AP credit for ENGL 241 have satisfied the ENGL 210/301 requirement. In addition, 6 hours of International and Cultural Diversity are required. Some of these courses may be used to satisfy other degree requirements. For a list of these courses, please see your catalogue or the Mathematics Department's webpage at International and Cultural Diversity Requirement.

  4. HIST/POLS: (12 hours) POLS 206 and 207 are required. For the HIST requirement, 6 hours of American History are required. Most students satisfy this requirement by taking HIST 105 and 106. For other options, see your catalogue.

  5. Free electives: (9 hours) Almost every course offered at TAMU will count as a free elective. However, there are some exceptions. Please see an advisor or the Mathematics Department's Undergraduate Web page link List of Ineligible Free Electives for a list of unacceptable courses. NOTE: There is a residency requirement at TAMU stating that every student must take at least 36 hours of 300/400 level courses at TAMU. Therefore, depending upon what courses were taken to fulfill the CORE requirements, some Free elective courses may have to be 300/400 level courses. Math 170 counts as free elective hours.

  6. MINOR electives: (18 hours) A minor area of emphasis is required. At least 9 of the hours must be 300 or 400 level. To satisfy this requirement, students should either fulfill the minor requirements for a particular department or see a math advisor for help in selecting an area of interest. For example, some of the courses recommended for students wishing to go to medical school can be used towards satisfying this requirement.