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BS in APMS (Biological Science Option - 120 hrs, Catalog 136)

Math Core 171, 172, 220, 221, 323, 308, 409, 415 or 433, 417 or 437 31
Math Core
442, 410 or 446, 469 9
BIOL/CHEM Core BIOL 213, BIOL 214, CHEM 101/111 or 107/117, CHEM 222/242 14
Quan. Biology Seminar
MATH/BIOL 285 (1 hr), MATH/BIOL 285 (1 hr), MATH/BIOL 285 (1 hr), MATH/BIOL 285 (1 hr), MATH/BIOL 285 (1 hr), MATH/BIOL 285 (1 hr) 6
STAT 211, STAT 212, CSCE 110, 111, 121, or 206 10
Math Elec.
4xx 12
Core Elec.
(see note 1)
ENGL 104, ENGL Lit, ENGL 210, 241 or 301, ECON 202/203, VPA 15
Science Core BIOL 111, BIOL 112 8
(see note 2)
HIST 105, HIST 106, POLS 206, POLS 207 12
Free Elec.
(see note 3)
Req KINE 198, 199 2


  1. Core Electives: (15 hours) Take ENGL 104 (3 hours), ENGL lit. (3 hours), ENGL 210 or 301 (3 hours), a Social Science CORE course (3 hours) and 3 hours of a Visual and Performing Arts CORE course. For a list of the acceptable ENGL literature, Social Science, and Visual/Performing Arts courses, please see your catalogue at Undergraduate Catalog Listings. The English Literature elective must be chosen from the list of Humanities electives. Students with AP credit for ENGL 241 have satisfied the ENGL 210/301 requirement. In addition, 6 hours of International and Cultural Diversity are required. You MUST select ICD courses that satisfy other degree requirements. For a list of these courses, please see your catalogue or the Mathematics Department's webpage at International and Cultural Diversity Requirement.

  2. HIST/POLS: (12 hours) POLS 206 and 207 are required. For the HIST requirement, 6 hours of American History are required. Most students satisfy this requirement by taking HIST 105 and 106. For other options, see your catalogue.

  3. Free electives: (1 hour) Almost every course offered at TAMU will count as a free elective. However, there are some exceptions. Please see an advisor or the Mathematics Department's Undergraduate Web page link List of Ineligible Free Electives for a list of unacceptable courses. Math 170 counts as free elective hours.

  4. Math electives: (12 hours) At least one course should be a W or a C course.

Career Options with an APMS Degree

Students graduating with an Applied Mathematics Degree (APMS) have prepared themselves for a broad range of careers. Most graduates seeking employment directly after graduation look to business, in particular, consulting firms and technical companies. All of these companies are looking for people with good problem solving skills whom they will be able to train to solve their particular technical problems. In the broadest possible terms, math graduates are hired to work as part of a team to solve some particular problem for the company.

The consulting firms that have hired recent graduates include Reliant Energy, Anderson Consulting, Bain and Associates as well as actuarial firms. They have hired our graduates to be business analysts, financial analysts and actuaries.

The technical companies that have hired recent graduates include Hewlett Packard, Texas Systems and Tivoli Systems. Technical companies hire people to be software engineers and to design web pages. Technical firms can pay very well, but they expect prospective employees to be able to program.

The government always needs mathematicians. The CIA, NSA and FBI require technical personnel. Some former students have been hired by the state transportation division.

The mathematics courses required by this degree will also prepare students for graduate work in mathematics and other technical areas such as computer science and information technology. In fact, this degree plan and the BS in Mathematics provide the best preparation for graduate work in mathematics.