Minor in Mathematics with Honors

What is an Honors Mathematics Program?

The Mathematics Department offers a variety of honors courses. Mathematics minors who fulfill specific requirements, basically to take four mathematics honors courses and two science or engineering honors courses, can graduate with an Honors Minor in Mathematics designation on their transcripts. All honors classes taken at A&M for the honors minor in math will count towards Honors Fellows. (An Honors Major in Mathematics is also available.)

What is an honors course?

“Honors courses are intended to be more complex, not necessarily more difficult,” and “are expected to provide increased intellectual challenge through more sophisticated material, a higher level of intellectual engagement, and more responsibility for the learning process than would typically be expected in an undergraduate course,” says the university. The philosophy of the Mathematics Department is that honors students should be more intellectually curious, more motivated, and more independent than the average undergraduate.

Perks of being an Honors Mathematics Minor

Becoming an Honors Mathematics Minor

NOTE: Any student with at least a 3.5 GPA may take an honors class if there are seats available, but doing so does not, by itself, earn the student the Honors distinctions. Any honors classes taken before declaring a mathematics minor may used to fulfill the program requirements.

Requirements to earn the transcript distinction of Honors Minor in Mathematics

In order to receive an Honors Minor in Mathematics, a mathematics minor must complete all of the requirements for a major in some field with a minor in mathematics of which 18 hours must be completed as follows:

  1. at least 3 hours in an honors mathematics course 100 level or above, (honors Calculus I does not count towards the honors minor in mathematics distinction but is does count towards the earning a math minor)
  2. additionally at least 6 hours in honors mathematics courses 300 level or above or 220H,
  3. additionally at least 3 hours in an honors mathematics course 400 level or above.


Eligible Mathematics Courses when offered; no guarantee that they will be:

Grade requirements at the time of graduation:

  1. a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.5;
  2. a grade point average of at least 3.25 and no grade lower than a B in the 18 required honors hours;
  3. no grade of F* on the transcript.