Fall 2006

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COURSE DESCRIPTION: Introduction to differential equations; first-order equations; second-order equations; Laplace transform techniques; numerical solution of differential equations; linear systems of differential equations; phase plane analysis.

PREREQUISITES: MATH 251 or equivalent; some knowledge of computer algebra system Maple is desirable.

CREDITS: 3 credits.


  1. Fundamentals of Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems, A Custom Edition for Texas A&M University, by Nagle, Saff and Snider, Addison/Wesley, New York.
  2. (optional but highly recommended) Solving ODEs With Maple V, by Barrow et al, Brooks/Cole, New York.

Note: The fourth edition of Nagle, Saff and Snider can be used instead of the custom one. However, all exercise numbers and section references in the course will be given wrt the Custom Edition and it will be your to synchronize these references. Having said that, I do not think it will be a major trouble: the only difference seems to be in the chapter 4.

INSTRUCTOR: Dr Gregory Berkolaiko, Blocker 625c, (979) 845-1924.
Email: berko AT

TIME AND PLACE: Blocker 131, TR 9.35-10.50am.

OFFICE HOURS: W 10am-11am and by appointment.

CALCLAB (MAPLE) HELP: Blocker 127, M-Th 7-10pm; Su 1-10pm.

HELP SESSIONS: Info will be posted on

MAPLE: Available on Calclab Unix machines and on machines in TAMU open access labs. Also available for purchase for $75 per copy. See Maple offer:

Grade Percentage
A 90% and more 2 Midterm Exams, each 25%
B 80% and more Final Exam 30%
C 70% and more 2 Projects, each 10%
D 60% and more
F less than 60% Bring your ID for the exams!

MAKE-UP POLICY: Make-ups for missed quizzes and exams will only be allowed for a university approved excuse in writing. Wherever possible, students should inform the instructor before an exam or quiz is missed. Consistent with University Student Rules, students are required to notify the instructor by the end of the next working day after missing an exam or quiz. Otherwise, they forfeit their rights to a make-up.

GRADE COMPLAINTS: Sometimes the instructor might make a mistake grading your work. If you feel that this has happened, you have one week since the graded work was handed back to you to talk to the instructor. If a mistake is confirmed, the grade will be changed. No complaints after that deadline will be considered.

SCHOLASTIC DISHONESTY: Copying work done by others, either in-class or out of class, is an act of scholastic dishonesty and will be prosecuted to the full extent allowed by University policy. Collaboration on assignments, either in-class or out-of-class, is forbidden unless permission to do so is granted by your instructor. For more information on university policies regarding scholastic dishonesty, see University Student Rules.

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COPYRIGHT POLICY: All printed materials disseminated in class or on the web are protected by Copyright laws. One photocopy (or download from the web) is allowed for personal use. Multiple copies or sale of any of these materials is strictly prohibited.

This plan is subject to change at the instructor's discretion.

FINAL EXAM: December 8, Friday 12:30-2:30pm, usual place.

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