Raj Bhatt
M.Sc. (University Of Bombay); M.S. (Universty Of Texas at Arlington)
022 Milner
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             MATH 152          

Instructions for students of sections 524, 525, 526:

       We are meeting twice a week. On Mondays there will be recitations and on Wednesdays we have Maple labs. We roughly have 16 weeks in the semester. Hence we will be meeting 16 times for recitations and almost as many times for lab work.
         I expect you to attend both regularly and I will be taking attendance.
I will solve some select typical problems in the class and difficulties you may have.  Last ten minutes are reserved for  a  quiz in every recitation.  There will be about 15 quizzes through the semester. This will carry a weightage of 12% and a half. The remaining quota of 12 and a half % goes for your Maple labs.  Not taking a quiz  will  be recorded as your absence from the class and will highly jeopardise your grades.

                   Maple Lab                
         I will assign some home work projects and grade you accordingly. You may form a group of four (or less ) and submit just one copy of your project between all  of you. This will save some printouts and will reduce my work too.
          I am not required to keep office hours but would be glad to give you an appointment if you contact me  by e-mail, phone or in person. Of course, you are free to ask me for help before or immediately after the class.
        Hope you will enjoy your learning this semester and we will try to make it as exciting and interesting as possible. My advice is: Make best of whatever is available. Go to help sessions, meet your Prof. during his office hours, contact me whenever convenient. Feel free to ask questions however stupid they may look ( to you). To a teacher no questions  are stupid. We are here to help you. You may interrupt during my recitations and ask me whatever is not clear. I have enough patience to try and understand your difficulty. It often happens that the questions are not suitably or technically worded. This may cause some confusion but with mututal effort this usually disappears. Student participation in the class is very important. It breaks the ice, gives me ( and the class) a chance   to understand you better and helps me decide my  choice of material and my teaching strategy.    
So, have fun.