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Numerical Analysis RIT 2007-2008 (UMD)

Focus on Numerical Methods for PDE

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  • Organizer: A. Bonito and R.H. Nochetto
  • Room: 1311
  • Time: 4:00--5:00 p.m

Program 2007-2008

Sept. 10 & 17 Computational Parametric Willmore Flow. Andrea Bonito.
Nov. 5 On the construction of suitable weak solutions to the 3D Navier-Stokes equations and open related questions. Jean-Luc Guermond.
Nov. 7 & 12 Short time existence of solution to the Navier-Stokes system coupled with Willmore boundary force. Arthur Cheng.
Dec. 3 Operator-valued semigroup. Andrea Bonito.
Fev. 11 Higher-order methods for PDEs. Claudio Canuto.
Fev. 18 AFEM for Shape Optimization. Marco Verani.
Fev. 25 Approximating optimization problems over convex functions. Pedro Morin.
Mar. 3 & 10 & 17 Geometrically Consistent Refinement of Polyhedral Surfaces. Sebastian Pauletti.
Mar. 17 Navier-Stokes equations interacting with a nonlinear elastic solid shell: the case with the inclusion of the inertia. Arthur Cheng.
Mar. 24 An adaptive strategy for elliptic problems including a posteriori controlled boundary approximation. Andrea Bonito.
Apr. 21 On Maximum-Principles in Elliptic and Parabolic Finite Element Problems. Vidar Thomee.
May 5 An Optimal Triangulation for Second Order Elliptic Problems. Andrea Bonito.