Russian translit keyboard layout for Mac OS X (Русская раскладка "транслит" для компьютеров Apple)

The latest version lives at


  1. Download into the directory "~/Library/Keyboard\ Layouts/" the following two files: To have a different icon, download either Russian-Phonetic.icns () or Russian.icns () and save it as `russian-translit.icns'.
  2. Log out, log in. Now the new layout is available in System Preferences >> Language & Text >> Input Sources as "Russian translit".

Custom mapping used

` ю           # ё   $ Ё   % ъ   ^ Ъ              = ч

        w ж                              [ ш     ] щ     \ э

                                        '" ь"

        х ьЬ

Bugs and features

Other symbols not touched (in particular, dash was not redefined).

To do

If desired, download and install the program Ukelele, open the file ~/Library/Keyboard\ Layouts/russian-translit.keylayout and customize the layout.


Alternatively, you can start modifying the Russian layout supplied by Apple: open Ukelele, in the menus, choose
File >> "New From Current Input Source"
and then "Save As...", "Set Keyboard Name...", ...

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Written by Andrew Comech