Analysis for Applications II

Math 642-600 — Spring 2014

Instructor: Dr. Francis J. Narcowich
Office: 302 Milner Hall
Phone: 845-7554 (Messages only.)
Office Hours: TBA
Catalog Description: MATH 642. Analysis for Applications II. Distributions and differential operators; transform theory; spectral theory for unbounded self-adjoint operators; applications to partial differential equations; asymptotics and perturbation theory. Prerequisite: MATH 641.

Required Text: James P. Keener, Principles of Applied Mathematics: Transformation and Approximation, second (revised) edition, Westview Press, Boulder, Colorado, 2000.

Time and Place: MWF 12:40-1:30, BLOC 148

Topics: The course will cover selected sections from chapters 5-8 and 10.

Grading System & Tests: Your grade will be based a mid-term, a final exam , and homework. The mid-term will count for 35% of your grade, the homework for 30%, and the final examination will count for the remaining 35%. Your letter grade will be assigned this way: 90-100%, A; 80-89%, B; 70-79%, C; 60-69%, D; 59% or less, F.

Make-up Policy: I will give make-ups (or satisfactory equivalents) only in cases authorized under TAMU Regulations. In borderline cases, I will decide whether or not the excuse is authorized. Also, if you miss a test, contact me as soon as possible.

Academic Integrity

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