Web pages supplementing my mathematical work

Frank Sottile

Positivity of Schubert vs. Schur Coefficients
With Sami Assaf and Nantel Bergeron
Investigation of some lower bounds related to the Shapiro Conjecture.
Description and data
The Secant Conjecture (Very much a work in progress) official page
Overlap number.
Some Combinatorial Hopf Algebras.
Work with Marcelo Aguiar, Nantel Bergeron,
and Aaron Lauve. July 2008.
Experimentation and Conjectures in the Real
Schubert Calculus
.   Work with Jim Ruffo,
Yuval Sivan, and Evgenia Soprounova.
August 2003.
Enumerative Real Algebraic Geometry.
A web-based survey of the subject. August 2002.
Some Maximally inflected curves.
Work with Viatcheslav Kharlamov.
June 2002.
Lines transversal to 2 lines and a quadric.
Work with Gábor Megyesi and
Thorsten Theobald. April 2002.
Lines tangent to 2n-2 spheres in Rn.
Work with Thorsten Theobald.
March 2001.
The Conjecture of Shapiro and Shapiro.
An archive of computations and computer algebra scripts.
April 2000.
Identities of Littlewood-Richardson
Coefficients for Schubert polynomials
With Nantel Bergeron. August 1998.
A non-trivial real system that cannot be controlled by real output feedback.
With Joachim Rosenthal. September 1997.

Based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant Nos. DMS-0070494, DMS-0079536, DMS-0134860, DMS-0538734, DMS-0701050, DMS-0915211, and DMS-1001615.

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