Mathematical Short Stories by Frank Sottile

Schubert Galois Groups in G(4,9) Convex hull of circles A convoluted 4-bar mechanism Pi Day 2010 Littlewood-Richardson Homotopies degeneration of Bezier surface coAmoeba of a line 3264 real conics Galois groups of Schubert problems Khovanskii-Rolle continuation for real solutions A Litlewood-Richardson Rule for Grassmannian Schubert calculus 4 disjoint spheres with 12 common tangents Local Quot Schemes Hessians with maximal real topology? Chamber Complex Tropical Interpolation univariate polynomials with few real zeroes Lines Tangent to 4 triangles Common transversals to four line segments Envelope of lines meeting a fixed line and tangent to 2 spheres Constructions of real algebric curves Some connections in math A Linear Series in Motion Lines transversal to 2 lines and a sphere Rational cubics meeting in 9 points 12 lines tangent to 4 spheres two lines meeting 4 given lines in R^3
Based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grants DMS-0070494, DMS-0134860, DMS-0538734, DMS-0701050, DMS-0915211, and DMS-1001615.

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