Math 151 Engineering Math I, Section 552-554, 558-560, Fall 2013

Course Name: Engineering Math I
Room: HELD113 (Section 552-554)
HELD105 (Section 558-560)
Class Time: MWF 10:20-11:10 AM (Section 552-554)
MWF 11:30-12:20 AM (Section 558-560)
Instructors: JD Kim(jdkim AT, office:BLOC 621A
Teaching Assistant: Paul Gustafson (Section 552-554)
Patrick Orchard (Section 558-560)
Office Hour: Tue. 14:00-15:00, Wed. 14:00-16:00, and by Appointment
Textbook: Stewart, Calculus: Early Vectors (e-book included in course fees)
Curriculum Vitae
Announcement: 1. eHomework is posted already. DOIT!!! Due date is week after Wed. 11:55 PM.
2. If you need a complete note, you have to sign up in the class.
3. Math Club, first meeting on Monday, Sept. 2, 7:00PM at BLOC 160 or 166 or 605.
4. The help sessions begin this Sunday, Sept. 1: There are two Week In Review sessions for math 151 this Fall: 1. Ben Aurispa:, 2. Jenny Lewis:
5. Week in Review has changed: Tuesday, 6:30-8:30pm CE110, Wednesday 4:00-6:00pm Bloc166.

6. Common Exam 1: Thursday, September 26, 7:30PM - 9:30PM, ARCB101.

7. Common Exam 2: Thursday, October 24, 7:30PM - 9:30PM, ARCB101. Exam 2 covers 3.2-4.2.

8. Common Exam 3: MONDAY, November 25, 7:30PM - 9:30PM, ARCB101. Exam 3 covers 4.3-6.2

9. FINAL SCHEDULEs: Section 552-554(10:20 Class) - Tuesday, December 10, 8-10am.

FINAL SCHEDULEs: Section 558-560(11:30 Class) - Wednesday, December 11, 10:30-12:30am.

10. Class cancellation: We don't have a class on Wednesday before Thanks Giving (Wed. Nov. 27)

11. OFFICE HOUR: Mon.,Tue.,Wed.,and Fri., 14:00-16:00. You have to SEND EMAIL BEFORE COMING.

Week1, Monday, 26 August: week1
Week1-1, Monday, 26 August complete note: week1-1 complete note
Week1-2, Wednesday, 28 August complete note: week1-2 complete note
Week1-3, Friday, 30 August complete note: week1-3 complete note
Week2, Monday, 2 September: week2
Week1-4, Monday, 2 September complete note: week1-4 complete note
Week2-1, Monday, 2 September complete note: week2-1 complete note
We were here in 2013. (Section 552-554) Class photo (Section 552-554)
We were here in 2013. (Section 558-560) Class photo1 (Section 558-560)
We were here in 2013. (Section 558-560) Class photo2 (Section 558-560)
Week2-2, Wednesday, 4 September complete note: week2-2 complete note
Week2-3, Friday, 6 September complete note: week2-3 complete note
Week2-4, Monday, 9 September complete note: week2-4 complete note
Week3, Monday, 9 September: week3
Week3-1, Monday, 9 September complete note: week3-1 complete note
Week3-2, Wednesday, 11 September complete note: week3-2 complete note
Week3-3, Friday, 13 September complete note: week3-3 complete note
Week3-4, Monday, 16 September complete note: week3-4 complete note
Week4, Monday, 16 September: week4
Week4-1, Monday, 16 September complete note: week4-1 complete note
Week4-2, Wednesday, 18 September complete note: week4-2 complete note
Week4-3, Friday, 20 September complete note: week4-3 complete note
Week4-4, Monday, 23 September complete note: week4-4 complete note
Week5, Monday, 23 September: week5
Week5-1, Friday, 27 September complete note: week5-1 complete note
Week6, Monday, 30 September: week6
Week6-1, Monday, 30 September complete note: week6-1 complete note
Week6-2, Wednesday, 2 October complete note: week6-2 complete note
Week6-4, Friday, 4 October complete note: week6-3 complete note
Week7, Monday, 7 October: week7
Week7-1, Monday, 7 October complete note: week7-1 complete note
Week7-2, Wednesday, 9 October complete note: week7-2 complete note
Week7-3, Friday, 11 October complete note: week7-3 complete note
Week7-4, Monday, 14 October complete note: week7-4 complete note
Week8, Monday, 14 October: week8
Week8-1, Monday, 14 October complete note: week8-1 complete note
Week8-2, Wednesday, 16 October complete note: week8-2 complete note
Week8-3, Friday, 18 October complete note: week8-3 complete note
Week9, Monday, 21 October: week9
Week9-1, Monday, 21 October complete note: week9-1 complete note
Week9-2, Friday, 25 October complete note: week9-2 complete note
Week9-3, Monday, 28 October complete note: week9-3 complete note
Week10, Monday, 28 October: week10
Week10-1, Mondday, 28 October complete note: week10-1 complete note
Week10-2, Wednesday, 30 October complete note: week10-2 complete note
Week11, Wednesday, 30 October: week11
Week11-1, Wednesday, 30 October complete note: week11-1 complete note
Week11-2, Friday, 1 November complete note: week11-2 complete note
Week11-3, Monday, 4 November complete note: week11-3 complete note
Week12, Wednesday, 6 November: week12
Week11-4, Wednesday, 6 November complete note: week11-4 complete note
Week12-1, Wednesday, 6 November complete note: week12-1 complete note
Week12-2, Friday, 8 November complete note: week12-2 complete note
Week12-3, Monday, 11 November complete note: week12-3 complete note
Week12-4, Wednesday, 13 November complete note: week12-4 complete note
Week13, Wednesday, 13 November: week13
Week13-1, Wednesday, 13 November complete note: week13-1 complete note
Week13-2, Friday, 15 November complete note: week13-2 complete note
Week13-3, Monday, 18 November complete note: week13-3 complete note
Week14, Monday, 18 November: week14
Week14-1, Monday, 18 November complete note: week14-1 complete note
Week14-2, Wednesday, 20 November complete note: week14-2 complete note
Week15, Monday, 2 December: week15
Week15, Monday, 2 December complete note: week15 complete note