Past Travel of  J.M. Landsberg (since fall '05)

Spring 2018

Computational and Applied Mathematics Colloquium, U Chicago 2/15

Univ. Ill. Chicago colloquim 2/16

Southwest Local Algebra Meeting (SLAM 2018), plenary speaker, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR, February  24-25 
Invited Address at the Spring 2018 Southeastern Sectional Meeting of the AMS, Vanderbilt University, April 14-15, also co-organizing(with S. Kumar and L. Oeding) a special session on algebraic geometry, representation theory, and  applications

Fall 2017

Oct. 3-18, MPI Leipzig,  giving Berlin-Leipzig Seminar on Algebra, Geometry and Combinatorics Oct. 9

Nov. 1, Algebraic Geometry Seminar, Cornell University.

Summer 2017
Summer intensive course on quantum information theory and geometry, Trento Italy June-July
Three intensive sessions: June 5-9, June 26-30, and July 10-14

Plenary speaker at Quantum information theory conference July 4-6 Levico Terme, Italy

Giving CBMS lecture series, Auburn U. July 24-28.

Plenary lecture at Siam Algebraic Geometry meeting, July 31-Aug. 4 GA Tech, Atlanta

Spring 2017

March 2: Colloquim at Stanford U.
April 19: Colloquim at Syracuse University.

Fall 2016

Sept. 18-23 Vienna school (lecture series on complexity and geometry)

Oct. 14 Rocky Mountain Algebraic Combinatorics Seminar,  at Colorado State

Oct. 22 ALGECOM, Purdue

Nov. 4-6 TGTC here at A&M! 
Dec. 12-16 Working Group on Representation Theory and GCT, Santa Fe Institute

Spring 2016

Jan. 14-16 Innovations in Theoretical Computer Science (ITCS) Conference, Cambridge, MA (presenting paper)

March 3. TAMU Free probability seminar

March 11 Harvard/MIT/MSR reading group seminar

March 14 Algebra seminar, Brown University

Mar. 28- Apr. 3 The Classification Program of Counting Complexity workshop, Simons Inst. UC Berkeley

May 11 Algebraic geometry seminar U. Chicago

June  12-17 CMO Workshop: Integrability and Near-Integrability in Mechanics and Geometry, Oxaca
July 11-15 DGA conference, Brno, featuring a workshop on the complexity of matrix multiplication

Fall 2015


Oct. 6-7 Optimization in machine learning, vision and
image processing
, CIMI Touluse

Oct. 12-16   Wildness in Computer Science, Physics and Mathematics, Santa Fe Institute

Oct. 27-30 Colloquim at UVA.

Nov. 23 Computer Science seminar at Princeton

Nov. 24 Computer Science colloquim at Rutgers

Dec. 14-16 Algorithms & Complexity in Algebraic Geometry reunion workshop, Simons Inst. UC Berkeley

Spring 2015

Feb. 6 Berlin Mathematical School Colloquim

April 17 Rutgers Computer Science Seminar

April 20-27: U. Conn  visiting J. Weyman and speaking at the  ICRTCA conference

April 28: Harvard/MIT Algebraic Geometry Seminar

April 29: MIT Algorithms and Complexity Seminar

June 1-8: Colloquim at Belfort.

June 8-12, Workshop: Low-rank Optimization and Applications,Bonn
part of June: visiting U. Lyon, visiting U. Belfort

June 15: Geometry Seminar at Grenoble

June 15-28: Visiting U. Lyon,  lecturing at GCT workshop  June 24-25, and giving seminar at U. Lyon 6/23

August 3-7:  Deajeon, South Korea, SIAM Algebraic Geometry activity group conference (steering committee member)

August 7-14: visiting KAIST, Deajeon, giving lecture series. 

Spring 2014

Jan 21-24: Computational Algebraic Statistics, Theories and Applications (CASTA 2014), Kyoto, Japan

Feb. 20-21: Colloquim at Auburn.

March 1-2 SLAM here at TAMU
April 7  -- April 11, co-organizing workshop Tools from Algebraic Geometry
at IPAM, UCLA. as part of program
Algebraic Techniques for Combinatorial and Computational Geometry

Summer 2014
June 2-6 ICERM workshop on computational multilinear algebra

July 14-19   An interdisciplinary approach to tensor decomposition (CIRM, Trento)  (4 hours of lecture)

July 21-August 5: Mini-course/workshop on tensors (10 hours of lecture) at U. Chicago, funded by IMA
Fall 2014

Co-organizing (with P. Burgisser, K. Mulmuley and B. Sturmfels) a semeseter long program
Algorithms and Complexity in Algebraic Geometry
to be held at the Simons Institute for Theory of Computing, UC Berkeley, where I will hold the chancellor's professorship, and organize the Boot Camp Sept. 2-5.

I will be attending part of Combinatorics and complexity of Kronecker coefficients November 3 to November 7, 2014 at  AIM, Palo Alto, California

Rutgers geometry seminar 11/24
U. Penn combinatorics and algebraic geometry seminar 11/25
Eisenbud seminar 12/9

Fall 2013

Oct 15-18 Speaking at  Quantum Marginals conference ,
Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge UK
Nov. 3 - 16 , 2013: Research in "pairs", Oberwolfach (with L. Chiantini,
C. Ikenmeyer, and G. Ottaviani)
Nov. 25 Seminar at IAS (CS group)
Nov. 26 Geometry Seminar at Rutgers

Summer 2013
May 15-17 Tensor network algorithms in computational physics and numerical analysis,
ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

May 19-21, seminar at U. Belfort, France
May 21-30 Max-Planck-Institut f"ur Mathematik in den Naturwissenschaften, Leipzig Germany, visiting W. Hackbusch and giving lecture series

June 22-29, much needed vacation
July 1-5 visiting IAS, Princeton.

July 15-19, New directions in Exterior Differential Systems, a conference in honor
of Robert Bryant's 60th birthday, Estes Park, CO.

August 19 - 23, Differential Geometry and its Applications, Brno, Czech Republic, featuring a special
session on geometry and complexity theory.

Winter/Spring 2013

Jan. 10 - AMS annual meeting, special session on Geometric Complexity Theory
Feb. 26   Algebraic Geometry Seminar at U. Chicago
May. 1-3 Algebraic Geometry Seminar at Johns Hopkins

Fall 2012

Sept. 10-14, The interaction of geometry and representation theory: exploring new frontiers (conference in honor of 60th
birthday of M. Eastwood) at ESI (Vienna)

Oct. 5 TAMU algebra and combinatorics seminar
Oct. 23 Symbolic Computation Seminar at NC State
Oct. 25 Geometry seminar at Duke University
Oct. 26 Geometry/representation theory seminar at UNC Chapel Hill
Oct. 29 Colloquim at UT Austin

Nov. 19 Geometry seminar at Rutgers Univ.
Nov. 20 Computer Science/Discrete Mathematics Seminar at IAS (Princeton)

Spring 2012

Jan. 20 Geometric Methods in Representation Theory Seminar, UNC Chapel Hill

Feb. 17-19 TGTC, U. Houston

May 9 Representation Theory, Combinatorics,  and Geometry Seminar, UC Berkeley
Summer 2012

June 17-23 AMS MRC program on Geometry and Representation Theory Related to Geometric Complexity and Other Variants of Pv. NP.

June 28-29 Genova-Torino-Milano seminar, Torino, Italy, plenary lecture.
July 1-13 Summer course at Cortona, Italy: Tensors: Waring problems and Geometric Complexity Theory

Feb. 28-March 3,  colloquim at the statistics department at U. Chicago.

April 7-9 speaking at   conference "Conformal Differential Geometry and its Interaction with Representation Theory", University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

April 22-24: speaking at TAGS (graduate student talk), Rice Univ., Houston

May 15- June 15 Algebraic Geometry with a view towards applications, Mittag-Leffler Institute, Stockholm
May 22, Mathematical Colloquium at Linköping Univesity, Linköping  Sweden.

Aug 1-5 co-organizing  Mathematical aspects of P v. NP and variants, Brown University, Providence RI.

Aug. 22-26  Plenary talk at 17-th Conference of the International Linear Algebra Society, Braunschweig, Germany
Nov. 22 Algebraic geometry seminar at Princeton


Sept. 13-17: 
Tensor Decompositions and Applications (TDA 2010)  Bari, Italy
[at TAMU: Fall 2010 TGTC Nov. 12-14]
June 14-18: At
Sophus Lie Conference Center, Nordfjordeid, Norway, giving summer school on geometry of tensors
July 15-31: speaking at Australian National University: geometry conference  on Mathematics
and Physics on the borderline between algebraic and differential geometry and visiting M. Eastwood
Aug 1-7 visiting U. Sydney, Australia (giving colloquim)
August 23-31 Brno: BGG workshop followed by  Differential geometry and its applications conference, giving plenary talk.

3/8 UIC colloquim (hosts I. Coskun and S. Friedland)


Oct. 21 - Nov. 21 at U. Grenoble, as invited visiting professor (host L. Manivel)
Nov. 23 U. Chicago computer science dept. colloquim (host K. Mulmuley)
Dec. 3:  Wash. U. St. Louis mathematics dept. colloquim (host R. Beheshti)
Feb.  20-22, speaking at the 40th TGTC, Univ. Houston
May 18-21, invited speaker at the 2009 Haifa Matrix Theory Conference
May 22-June 9, Gnsaga lecture series on equations of secant varieties of homogeneous varieties, with G. Ottaviani in Firenze
June 10-12, plenary speaker at
Workshop on tensors and interpolation, Nice France
June 15-19: plenary speaker at
MEGA 2009: Effective Methods in Algebraic Geometry (Barcelona)
June 20-30: much needed vacation with family
July 1-6: at U. Grenoble, visiting L. Manivel and speaking  in geometry seminar.

August 12-20: visiting Mike Eastwood and speaking at U. Canberra, Australia, giving geometry seminar


January 12-19. 2008. Winter School Geometry and
Physics, held in Srni, Czech Republic
: giving plenary lecture series


attending TAGS at Rice April 11-13
4/30-5/3 visiting S. Kumar at UNC and giving geometry seminar
5/4-5/10: attending and speaking at Exterior differential
systems and the method of equivalence, MSRI

June 3: Giving geometry seminar at UC Irvine.
July 7-18, Organizing and teaching (with J. Morton and L. Lim) a summer graduate workshop at
MSRI on varieties in spaces of tensors with applications.

July 21-25 principal organizer of   (co-organizers J. Morton, L. Lim, and J. Weyman)
a   workshop at AIM on Varieties in spaces of tensors with applications to computer science
statistics and physics.


March 23-25, speaking at and attending TGTC at TCU
March 30-Apr 1  attending TAGS at UT Austin
April 15-20, speaking at and attending Workshop on Complexity, Coding, and Communication, IMA, Minneapolis MN.
April 26 (Thurs.)  giving geometry seminar at UT Austin.
June 25-29 visiting G. Ottaviani and giving geometry seminar at U. Firenze
July 3-6 visiting A. Bernardi and giving geometry seminar at U. Bologna
July 9-13 visiting L. Manivel and giving geometry seminar at U. Grenoble
July 16-Aug. 13 at IHES
Aug 13-19 much needed vacation in the mountains
August 19 Back at TAMU
Sept. 18, Harvard-MIT algebraic geometry seminar
Sept. 19, Northeastern geometry-representation theory seminar
Sept. 21-22 plenary speaker at  Annual Conference of the Heilbronn Institute for
Mathematical Research (HIMR), Bristol

Sept. 24, Geometry seminar Cork, Ireland
Sept. 25, speaking at the "Geometry day" at Loughborough, England
Sept. 28, speaking in the London Geometry and Topology Seminar, Imperial College, London


Jan. 25 (Wed.) giving colloquim at the University of Houston
March 24-26 speaking at the Lie algebra Workshop (Fields Institute, Univ. of Ottawa)
April 30, Speaking at AMS special session on Groebner bases in SF AMS meeting.
May 1, giving Special day long working seminar at UC Berkeley.
June 1-28 visiting Seoul National University (Korea)  and KIAS, giving colloquim and lecture series at SNU
July 10  mini-symposium at SIAM meeting on EDS and billiards
July 17-28 Symmetries and Overdetermined Systems of Partial Differential Equations, IMA Minnesota
Aug. 7-11  Lecture series  on G-structures in  projective geometry at CIMAT, Guanajuato, Mexico
Fall 2006
10/17 - geometry seminar Duke University (out of town afternoon 10/16-evening 10/19 )
Thursday 10/26: Colloquim at Univ. Utah (out of town 10/25 evening -10/28 afternoon)
Friday-Sunday 10/27-29 possibly attending TGTC (Rice University)
Dec. 13-15, workshop on Geometry of vector distributions, differential equations, and variational problems at SISSA, Trieste, Italy,
then visiting E. Mezzetti at Univ. Trieste.


Fall 2005

Sept. 15  giving the colloquim at Rice university.
Sept 30-Oct 2 attending  Texas Geometry and Topology conference, Austin TX
Nov.  11-13 attending the Harvey-Polking fest at Rice University
Nov. 17-19   speaker at Geometry Meeting in memory of Professor S.S. Chern, Guanajuato Mexico