Travel plans for J.M. Landsberg


Summer 2018

June 18-22 Tensors: geometry and quantum information, Copenhagen.
July 8-21 MPI Leipzig

Fall 2018

Sept. 20-22 Quantum Computation and information workshop, TAMU

Sept 23-29:
Warsaw workshop: Varieties and group actions (return Oct. 2)

Oct. 18-19 U. Chicago algebraic geometry seminar

Oct. 25-6 U. Missouri algebraic geometry seminar

Nov. 3-4: Minitags at TAMU.

Nov. 7-10: Simons Visiting Professor at U. Warsaw.

Nov. 11-17: Complexity theory, Oberwolfach

Spring 2019

Summer 2019

July 8-12
plenary speaker at 22nd ILAS Conference, Rio de Janeiro

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