Math 641-600 Analysis for Applications I

Fall 2008

CE 134

12:40-1:30 MWF


Text: "Principles of Applied Mathematics: Transformation and Approximation", by James P. Keener, Westview Press

Catalog Description: Review of preliminary concepts; sequence and function spaces; normed linear spaces, inner product spaces; spectral theory for compact operators; fixed point theorems; applications to integral equations and the calculus of variations.

Course Content: The course will cover selected sections of Chapter 1, most of Chapters 2-4, and the start of Chapter 5.

Prerequisites: Math 447, 640 or approval of instructor.

Instructor: J. D. Ward, MILNER 305 (Office), 979-845-1169 (phone)


URL: office hours: 4-5 TRF

Grading Policy:

90-100% A
80-89% B
70-79% C
60-69% D
below 60% no guarantees

Note: Q-drop deadline is April 3

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Academic Integrity Statement

Honor Council Rules and Procedures

Homework assignments
due Sept. 8 p.49: 5, 8; p. 50: 1, 3, 6a,c, 9; p. 53: 2, 3
due Sept. 22 p.54: 3, 4, 1a,b (using A = LU), 2 (Sec. 1.5); p. 56: 10;
due Oct. 6 p.93: 2; p.94: 3, 7, 10, 11
due Oct. 20 p.95: 4, 7 (n=2 only); p.96: 11, 14, 16, 17a
due Nov. 3 p.99: 26a,b,c; hand-out assignment on wavelets(first entry in each set of coefficients corresponds to k = 0)
due Nov. 17 p.128: (Sec. 3.2): 3a,b (Sec. 3.3) 1, (Sec. 3.4) 1a, 2b, 3, 4; p. 130: 6
due Dec. 1 p.130: (Sec. 3.5) 1a,c, 2a, b ; p.131 (Sec. 3.6) 1, 4, 6