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qmul school of mathematical sciences
All talks take place in the G.O. Jones Lecture Theatre in the G.O. Jones Building.
Monday, July 18
10:00-10:50Joachim Cuntz
Left regular C*-algebras for semigroups from number theory
11:10-12:00Mikael Rørdam   [slides]
Just infinite C*-algebras
14:00-14:50Volodymyr Nekrashevych
Groups and rings of dynamical origin
15:10-16:00Jean Renault   [slides]
Random walks on Bratteli diagrams
16:00-16:30Coffee and tea
16:30-17:20Cho-Ho Chu
Jordan structures in C*-algebras and dynamics
Tuesday, July 19
10:00-10:50Evgenios Kakariadis   [slides]
Operator algebras associated with subshifts
11:10-12:00Roman Sauer
L2-Betti numbers of totally disconnected groups and approximation
14:00-14:50George Elliott
Recent progress in the classification of amenable C*-algebras
15:10-16:00Adrian Ioana
Cocycle superrigidity for translation actions of product groups
16:00-16:30Coffee and tea
16:30-17:20Elias Katsoulis
Crossed products of operator algebras
Wednesday, July 20
9:30-10:20Wilhelm Winter
Finite approximations in C*-dynamics
10:20-10:40Group photo
10:40-11:30Rufus Willett
Two exotic examples
11:30-12:00Coffee and tea
12:00-12:50Jan Spakula
Coarse medians and Property A
12:50-Lunch and free afternoon
Thursday, July 21
10:00-10:50Klaus Schmidt
Homoclinic points of algebraic group actions
11:10-12:00Piotr Nowak
Spectral gaps, warped cones and the coarse Baum-Connes conjecture
14:00-14:50Matthew Kennedy
An intrinsic algebraic characterization of C*-simplicity for discrete groups
15:10-16:00Stuart White
Quasidiagonality and amenability
16:00-16:30Coffee and tea
16:30-17:20Aaron Tikuisis
The Roe algebra as a relative commutant
19:00-Conference dinner at The Morgan Arms
Friday, July 22
10:00-10:50Ian Putnam
Minimal Zd-actions on the Cantor set
11:10-12:00Søren Eilers   [slides]
Orbit and flow equivalence versus diagonal-preserving *-isomorphism of Cuntz-Krieger algebras