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From Commutators to BCP Operators
July 27-31, 2015
Organizers: Hari Bercovici and Vern Paulsen
All talks will take place in Blocker 166.
Monday, July 27
8:30-9:20Registration and coffee
9:20-10:10Bernard Chevreau
On some aspects of Carl Pearcy's work in dual algebras and invariant subspaces
10:10-10:40Coffee break
10:40-11:30Carlos Ortiz
Quantum graph homomorphisms via operator systems
11:35-12:00Michael Hartz
Completely contractive representations of multiplier algebras of Nevanlinna-Pick spaces
2:00-2:50Ron Douglas
Transitivity and bundle shifts
2:50-3:20Coffee break
3:20-4:10Paul Skoufranis
Problems involving majorization in II1 factors
4:15-5:05March Boedihardjo
Ultraproducts of operators
Tuesday, July 28
9:00-9:50David Larson
From wavelets to operators to dilations of linear maps
9:50-10:10Coffee break
10:10-11:00Vladimír Müller
A van der Corput-type lemma for power bounded operators
11:05-11:30Rui Liu
Cb-frames and the completely bounded approximation property for operator spaces
11:35-12:00Ricky Ng
The operator system SOH and a tensor product
2:00-2:50Larry Fialkow
The multivariable truncated K-moment problem I
2:50-3:10Coffee break
3:10-4:00Miguel Lacruz
Extended eigenvalues and invariant subspaces
4:05-4:55George Exner
Finding Berger measures for subnormal shifts
5:00-5:30Ciprian Foias
On operators with quasitriangular commutant
Wednesday, July 29
9:00-9:50Larry Fialkow
The multivariable truncated K-moment problem II
9:50-10:10Coffee break
10:10-11:00Raphael Clouatre
Absolutely continuous commuting row contractions
11:05-11:30Satish Pandey
A spectral characterization of AN operators
11:35-12:00Da Zheng
The operator system generated by Cuntz isometries and applications
12:00-Lunch and free afternoon
6:30-Banquet at La Riviera, 3700 S. Texas Ave., Bryan
Thursday, July 30
9:00-9:50Wing Suet Li
Horn inequalities for eigenvalues of sums of Hermitian matrices and for invariant subspaces
9:50-10:15Coffee break
10:15-11:05Isabelle Chalendar
Semigroups of composition operators on spaces of analytic functions
11:10-12:00Eric Weber
*-invariant subspaces and the Kaczmarz algorithm
2:00-2:50Detelin Dosev
Commutators on classical Banach spaces - past, present and future
2:50-3:20Coffee break
3:20-4:10Il Bong Jung
Transitivity and structure of operator algebras with a metric property
4:15-5:05Srdjan Petrovic
Deddens algebras and compact composition operators
Friday, July 31
9:20-10:10Ken Dykema
Haagerup-Schultz projections for unbounded operators
10:40-11:30Gelu Popescu
Euler characteristic on noncommutative polyballs
11:35-12:00Vasile Lauric
Remarks on almost normal operators