Kendra Kilmer's Math 140 Week-in-Review
Fall 2017

My Week-in-Review will be held Monday evenings 5:30-7:30pm in Blocker 169.
Please note the room change below for exam weeks.

Please print out the problem set, attempt to work the problems ahead of time, and bring the problem sets with you to the review.

Please note that there will be no week-in-review the week after each exam.

Date Sections Covered Problem Set Solutions
Sept 4 1.1, 1.2 WIR#1 (no space)
WIR#1 (with space)
Sept 11 1.3, 1.4 WIR#2 (no space)
WIR#2 (with space)
Sept 18
***room change***
ILSB 1105
Exam 1 Topics
Exam 1 Review (no space)
Exam 1 Review (with space)
Sept 25 No Week-in-Review No Week-in-Review No Week-in-Review
Oct 2 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 WIR#4 (no space)
WIR#4 (with space)
Oct 9 3.4, 4.1
WIR#5 (no space)
WIR#5 (with space)
Oct 16
***room change***
ILSB 1105
Exam 2 Topics Exam 2 Review (no space)
Exam 2 Review (with space)
Oct 23 No Week-in-Review No Week-in-Review No Week-in-Review
Oct 30 5.1
WIR#7 (no space)
WIR#7 (with space)
***Please note that Section 5.2 was not covered in the
live review so problems 7-9 have been moved to WIR#8.***
The answers to problems 10-13 are 10a-False, 10b-True,
10c-True, 10d-True, 11-D, 12-A, 13-C.
Nov 6 5.2, 5.3 WIR#8 (no space)
WIR#8 (with space)
***Please note that the answer to Problem 12 should be $3901.65
and the answer to Problem 16 should be A***
Nov 13
***room change***
ILSB 1105
Exam 3 Topics
Exam 3 Review (no space)
Exam 3 Review (with space)
Nov 20 No Week-in-Review No Week-in-Review No Week-in-Review
Nov 27
6.1, 6.2 WIR#10 (no space)
WIR#10 (with space)
Dec 4
***room change***
ILSB 1105
All Final Exam Review (no space)
Final Exam Review (with space)
***Please note that the coefficient of x1
in the last equation on #25 should be 1***