Links (a decade out-of-date)


Russian links (you need some kind of Russian fonts for most of these) 

  • Maxim Moshkow's library (mirror)
  • American Scientist
    CNN Interactive
    Gilbert and Sullivan Archive

  • Stanford Savoyards 
  • The Lamplighters 
  • Lyric Theatre of San Jose

  • Britannica Online, the other one
  • WWWebster Dictionary 
  • NPR / PRI (National Public Radio / Public Radio International) 

  • Prairie Home Companion 
  • World Affairs Council 
  • Sound Money 
  • Bridges 

  • SF (and other) award info
    Robert Anson Heinlein
  • resources
  • FAQ

  • weather, weather (Riverside)

    Cars:; Autosite, Car'n'Driver, Edmund's, Kelley Blue Book
    US News and World Report -- surprisingly well organized 
    Joe Dassin

  • Much Ado About Ballroom Dancing
  • UC Ballroom Dancers
  • Dancer's web page
  • B.A. Tango; misc.
  • Places: Allegro, Metronome, Broadway, Starlite 

  • Northern California Earthquake Data Center, recent quakes map, USGS
  • Data powers of 10 
  • The most useless PI algorithm 

  • link to The Visible Human viewer
    Rudyard Kipling
    The Devil's Dictionary
  • INS homepage 
  • Some visa info 

  • Virtual reality panoramas of the Berkeley campus
    The Onion
    Sluggy Freelance
    Piled Higher and Deeper
    Star Trek parodies (and other)
    Star Wars Asciimation
    BASki, GoSki, AtPlay, Tahoe deals, California skiing, SF Gate
    REI; Climbing info
    Yahoo! television listings
    National Space Society
    MSN maps
    Bay Area Search: Citysearch, Dine
  • Online Classics Library -- most things worth reading are NOT copyrighted 
  • Library website, Scotty
  • and BookFinder4u, book bots
  •, book search
  • Barnes & Noble 
  • Project Gutenberg
  • Hypertexts @ University of Virginia 
  • Travel 

  • Travelocity -- an online reservation system, powered by EasySabre 
  • Expedia
  • Southwest Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Continental Airlines 
  • American Airlines 
  • JetBlue
  • CNN currency converter
  • Supershuttle -- the most common airport shuttle 
  • Council Travel -- a student travel agency and consolidator
  • Deutsche Bahn
  • Glossary of Mathematical Mistakes by Paul Cox -- an excellent collection of the misuse of mathematics (including statistics and logic) in everyday life. See also his references: 

  • Quotes on Math -- "Music is the pleasure of the human soul experiences from counting without being aware that it is counting. - Gottfried Leibniz"
  • The Most Common Mistakes in Undergraduate Mathematics -- should be required reading for all freshmen

  • The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences
    Doron Zeilberger's homepage, his quotes and opinions
    FAQ in mathematics
    FAQ in physics

    Paris links:

  • Pariscope
  • Consulat general de France a San Francisco
  • Au vieux campeur
  • TGV links, SNCF
  • Tango
  • Dictionaries; another list

  • DICOVOX 2.0: French-English, LATL, Geneve -- online
  • French-English -- online (Java), Multilingual -- freeware
  • Travlang's Ergane: multilingual freeware dictionary through Esperanto
  • Altavista translations
  • The Rosetta Stone
  • Annotated Bibliography of German Language Learning Software
  • The Learning Company
  • Syracuse Language
  • Transparent Language

  • HealthScope
    The Bible
    Economic Data Resources
    Internet movie database; Search
    Rarely used