Former course homepages

At Texas A&M University

Calculus: Math 172 (F2016H, F2016, S2014, S2012)

Principles of Analysis II: Math 447 (S2016)

Mathematical Probability: Math 411 (F2015)

Foundations of Mathematics: Math 220 (S2015H, F2013 )

Combinatorics: Math 630 (F2014)

Linear Algebra: Math 304 (S2013, F2006)

Engineering Mathematics II: Math 152 (F2012H, F2007)

Free Probability and Combinatorics: Math 689 (F2012)

Real Variables II: Math 608 (S2012)

Engineering Mathematics III: Math 251 (F2011)

Real Variables I: Math 607 (F2011)

Engineering Mathematics I: Math 151 (F2010, F2008)

Principles of Analysis I: Math 446 (F2010)

Linear Algebra II: Math 423 (S2010)

Differential Equations: Math 308 (F2009, S2009)

Topics in Applied Mathematics (Special functions): Math 311 (F2009, F2008, S2008, S2006)

Advanced Calculus I: Math 409 (S2007)

Methods and Applications of Partial Differential Equations: Math 602 (F2005)

At UC Riverside

First-Year Calculus: Math 9B (Spring 2005)

Advanced Calculus: Math 151C (Spring 2005)

Calculus of Several Variables: Math 10B (Winter 2005)

Real Analysis: Math 209A (Fall 2004)

Real Analysis: Math 209C (Spring 2004)

Stochastic Processes: Math 229B (Spring 2004)

Probability and Mathematical Statistics: Math 149A (Fall 2003)

Ordinary Differential Equations: Math 46 (Spring 2003)

Introduction to Complex Variables: Math 165B (Spring 2003)

First-Year Calculus: Math 9B (Fall 2002)

At UC Berkeley

Linear Algebra: Math 110 (Fall 2001)

Numerical Analysis: Math 128A (Fall 2001)

Calculus for Social Sciences: Math 16A (Summer 1999)