Math 251 (Section 509) -- Spring 2006

Engineering Mathematics III

Tuesday & Thursday 2:20-3:35
HELD 113

Math 251.509 Homework

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Course Description:

This is a course in vector calculus. Topics include functions of severable variables, partial derivatives, gradient, multiple integration, Green's and Stokes' theorems. Credit will not be given for more than one of MATH 221, 251, and 253.

Course Information:

Instructor: Dr. Matthew Papanikolas

Office Hours: Tues., Wed., Thurs. 11-12; also by appointment.

Office: 321 Milner

Office Phone: 845-1615


Textbook: The required textbook is Calclus, Early Vectors, by James Stewart, Thomson Brooks/Cole, 1999, ISBN 0-534-49348-3.

Course Syllabus: The course covers most of chapters 11-14, and additional topics will be covered as time permits.

iLrn: Homework will be done on-line using the iLrn system (

Calculators: Use of calculators on homework is perfectly acceptable. However, calculators will not be permitted on quizzes and exams.

Prerequisite: Math 152 (second semester calculus) or equivalent.

Course Webpage:

Department Webpage: The department's page on Math 251 is available here.

Exam Schedule:

There will be 2 in-class exams during the semester, as well as a cumulative final exam. The dates and times are listed below.

Exam 1

Exam 2

Final Exam


Feb. 23 (Th)

Apr. 11 (Tu)

May 10 (Wed)


HELD 113

HELD 113

HELD 113


Your final grade will be determined by the total number of points obtained on exams, homework, and quizzes. Out of 400 total points, each component contributes to your grade as follows:





Exam 1


Exam 2


Final Exam


The following grade distribution will be used in determining final course grades:


Percentage of Total Points











Homework & Quizzes:

Homework will be assigned on the iLrn system ( There is a penalty for late homework, and your lowest homework score will be dropped.

Homework will also be assigned from Stewart. This homework will not be collected. You are encouraged to work together on these problems. Also, you are encouraged to see your professor during office hours to discuss these problems if you are having difficulty.

Quizzes will be in class, 5-15 minutes. Usually they will be announced beforehand in class (and on this web page).

Course Policies:

Missed Work: Making up missed work (including missed exams, quizzes, and homework) will be arranged according to Univesrity policies only. A university approved excuse must be provided to the instructor in writing (e-mail is sufficient) within 1 working day for exams and within 2 working days for other work.

Academic Dishonesty: It is not permissible to hand in the work of others for a grade, including work on exams, quizzes, and homework. You are allowed to discuss homework with others, but your write-ups are expected to be done on your own and in your own words. Copying the work of others will be prosecuted to the full extent possible under University policies.

Disability Assistance: Assistance is available from the office of Services for Students with Disabilities, Koldus 126, 845-1637,, Students seeking special considerations for an exam must contact this office several weeks in advance.

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