Math 304 (Section 502) -- Spring 2004

Linear Algebra

Tuesday & Thursday 9:35-10:50
BLOC 156

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Course Description:

This is an introductory course in linear algebra. The main topics in the course will cover systems of linear equations, vector spaces, linear transformations, matrices, matrix algebra, determinants, inner products, eigenvalues, and eigenvectors. This course is intended for engineering majors, computer science majors, and mathematics education majors. The course will emphasize problem solving and applications, and students will need to be able to do basic proofs (e.g. verify that a given set is or is not a subspace or a that a given map is or is not a linear transformation; show that the intersection of two subspaces is a subspace).

Course Information:

Instructor: Dr. Matthew Papanikolas

Office Hours: Tues. 11-12, Thurs. 2:30-3:30, Fri. 11-12; also by appointment.

Office: 321 Milner

Office Phone: 845-1615


Textbook: The required textbook is Linear Algebra with Applications, 6th ed., by Steven J. Leon, Prentice Hall, 2002, ISBN 0-13-033781-1.

Course Syllabus: The course covers most of chapters 1-6, and additional topics will be covered as time permits. For a slightly more detailed syllabus, see department course syllabus.

Calculators: A calculator will be required for use on homework, quizzes, and exams. HP48's, HP49's, and TI89's are more than sufficient. Your calculator should be able to perform basic matrix operations (e.g. matrix multiplication, matrix inversion, row and column operations, determinants, calculation of eigenvalues).

Prerequisite: Math 152 (second semester calculus) or equivalent.

Course Webpage:

Exam Schedule:

There will be 3 in-class exams during the semester, as well as a cumulative final exam. The dates and times are listed below.

Exam 1

Exam 2

Exam 3

Final Exam


Feb. 19 (Th)

Mar. 30 (Tu)

Apr. 15 (Th)

May 7 (Fr)


BLOC 156

BLOC 156

BLOC 156


Note: The date on Exam 2 has been moved a week since the first day of class (formerly it was March 23).


Your final grade will be determined by the total number of points obtained on exams, homework, and quizzes. Out of 500 total points, each component contributes to your grade as follows:





Exam 1


Exam 2


Exam 3


Final Exam


The following grade distribution will be used in determining final course grades:


Percentage of Total Points











Homework & Quizzes:

Homework will be collected once or twice per week for a grade. Homework assignments will be posted on this web page, so check back frequently!

Quizzes will be in class, 5-15 minutes. Usually they will be announced beforehand in class (and on this web page).

Course Policies:

Missed Work: Making up missed work (including missed exams, quizzes, and homework) will be arranged according to Univesrity policies only. A university approved excuse must be provided to the instructor in writing (e-mail is sufficient) within 1 working day for exams and within 2 working days for other work.

Academic Dishonesty: It is not permissible to hand in the work of others for a grade, including work on exams, quizzes, and homework. You are allowed to discuss homework with others, but your write-ups are expected to be done on your own and in your own words. Copying the work of others will be prosecuted to the full extent possible under University policies.

Disability Assistance: Assistance is available from the office of Services for Students with Disabilities, Koldus 126, 845-1637,, Students seeking special considerations for an exam must contact this office several weeks in advance.

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