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ArithmeTexas 2005

Texas A&M University
Department of Mathematics
April 2-3, 2005

All talks will take place in Blocker 158. See campus map.

Saturday, April 2

8:15-9:00 Coffee/Tea/Pastries
9:00-9:50 Alf van der Poorten
Brown University &
CeNTRe, Sydney
Somos sequences
10:00-10:20 Jeff Vaaler
University of Texas
Counting algebraic points of low height and fixed degree
10:25-10:45 Ling Long
Iowa State University
A short proof of Milne's formulae for sums of integer squares
10:50-11:10 Jayce Getz
University of Wisconsin
Intersection numbers of Hecke correspondences
11:15-11:35 Ze-Li Dou
Texas Christian University
Period relations of automorphic forms
11:35-1:00 Lunch
1:00-1:50 Doug Hensley
Texas A&M University
Revisiting the Hurwitz complex continued fraction
2:00-2:20 William Banks
University of Missouri
On values taken by the largest prime factor of shifted primes
2:25-2:45 Chris Rasmussen
Rice University
On the torsion of Jacobian varieties of X(p^n)
2:50-3:10 Paul Jenkins
University of Wisconsin
Borcherds products and p-adic properties of singular moduli
3:10-3:50 Coffee/Tea
3:50-4:10 Bogdan Petrenko
Texas A&M University
On pairs of matrices that generate matrix rings
4:15-4:35 Sungkon Chang
University of Georgia
On the arithmetic of twists of Jacobian varieties
4:40-5:00 Lenny Fukshansky
Texas A&M University
Effective decompositions of quadratic spaces

Sunday, April 3

8:15-9:00 Coffee/Tea/Pastries
9:00-9:50 Pierre Debes
Université de Lille
Inverse Galois theory and profinite arithmetic geometry
10:00-10:20 Gergely Harcos
University of Texas
A Burgess-like subconvex bound for twisted L-functions
10:25-10:45 Igor Shparlinski
Macquarie University
Pseudoprimes in nonlinear sequences
10:50-11:10 Marius Somodi
University of Northern Iowa
Wild sets for rational self-equivalences
11:15-11:35 Ian Connell
McGill University
11:35-1:00 Lunch
1:00-1:50 Joseph Silverman
Brown University
Divisibility sequences and algebraic groups
2:00-2:20 Kathrin Bringmann
University of Wisconsin
Traces of singular moduli on Hilbert modular surfaces
2:25-2:45 Florian Luca
Universidad Nacional
Autónoma de México
Diophantine m-tuples
2:50-3:10 Ahmad El-Guindy
Texas A&M University
Galois actions on Weierstrass points of X_0(p)

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