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Storing Objects

The HP48G/GX has the ability to store and recall any object. The following shows how to store the number 5 in the variable labeled A1. Note that the HP48G/GX is case sensitive. It recognizes the difference between A and a. However, the menu will always show the upper case form of any letter. tex2html_wrap641 tex2html_wrap619 tex2html_wrap613 tex2html_wrap617 tex2html_wrap647 tex2html_wrap925

The name A1 should now appear in the left most menu position. If you do not see it, push the tex2html_wrap927 key. This key and some other features of the HP48G/GX memory will be discussed later. Push the menu key that corresponds to A1. The number 5 should appear on level one. Type A1 into the command line and push tex2html_wrap619 . The number 5 will now be in stack levels one and two. The calculator, because 5 was stored as A1, will replace every occurrence of A1 with 5. If, for some reason, the literal symbol A1 needs to be used, tick marks must enclose the symbol. Try the following: tex2html_wrap787 tex2html_wrap933 tex2html_wrap619

Now push tex2html_wrap827 . The calculator will not evaluate any characters within tick marks unless instructed to. Notice once again that double tick marks appeared, and that the cursor is between them.

Names of objects on the HP48G/GX may begin with any character except an integer, or a few other special symbols.

The HP48G/GX has been designed so that it is very easy to store a function as an object. For example, if the function, tex2html_wrap_inline881 was going to be used a lot, it would probably be helpful to have it stored on the HP48G/GX. Push the following keys: tex2html_wrap787 tex2html_wrap613 tex2html_wrap943 2pt tex2html_wrap623 tex2html_wrap947 tex2html_wrap613 tex2html_wrap951 tex2html_wrap647 2pt tex2html_wrap623 tex2html_wrap957 tex2html_wrap613 tex2html_wrap951 tex2html_wrap757
tex2html_wrap965 2pt tex2html_wrap623 tex2html_wrap969 tex2html_wrap613 tex2html_wrap951 tex2html_wrap647 tex2html_wrap741 tex2html_wrap613 tex2html_wrap951 tex2html_wrap757 tex2html_wrap637 tex2html_wrap659 tex2html_wrap619

The algebraic formula for the function is now on level one of the stack.

To store this function push the keys 2pt tex2html_wrap623 tex2html_wrap993 . Level one of the stack is cleared, and the symbol F appears in the menu. To evaluate this function at the point (1,3), place 1 on level two and 3 on level one. Now push tex2html_wrap943 . The number 27 should appear on level one.

After a short time your current directory will become filled with unwanted objects. There are two easy ways to remove them. The first way will remove single objects, while the second method removes more than one object at a time.

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