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The HP48G/GX has a root directory called HOME. All other directories that are created are either subdirectories of the HOME directory or a subdirectory of a subdirectory, etc. Where you are located is always shown in line two of the standard screen. The path is enclosed in curly braces. No matter which directory you are in, to return to the HOME directory press the keys: 2pt tex2html_wrap609 tex2html_wrap1045

If you wish to move up one directory and not return all the way to the HOME directory, perform the following key strokes 2pt tex2html_wrap623 tex2html_wrap1049

If you do not want to clutter up your HOME directory with miscellaneous computations, create a sub-directory called junk. 2pt tex2html_wrap609 tex2html_wrap1053 tex2html_wrap1055 tex2html_wrap1057
tex2html_wrap613 tex2html_wrap613 tex2html_wrap1063 tex2html_wrap1065 tex2html_wrap1067 tex2html_wrap1069 tex2html_wrap619
tex2html_wrap1073 tex2html_wrap1075 tex2html_wrap1077

Hitting the tex2html_wrap613 key twice puts the HP48G/GX into permanent alpha mode. Pushing the ENTER key returns the HP48G/GX to standard mode. Standard mode can also be returned to by pushing tex2html_wrap613 a third time.

The HOME directory now has a menu item called JUNK. Notice the bump at the top left corner of the item. This indicates it is a directory, and can be used to hold other objects. Push the button for JUNK. The path shown in row two is { HOME JUNK }, and there are no items shown in the menu row. Storing objects in any directory is done as we demonstrated in the section on storing. You can use any allowable name. It does not matter if you have used that name in some other directory. The HP48G/GX also allows us to recall items that are not in the current directory. The HP48G/GX searches the current directory. If the item searched for can not be found there, the search is continued in the parent directory, up to and including the HOME directory, until the first occurrence of the item is found.

It is possible to purge a subdirectory without first deleting all of its objects. 2pt tex2html_wrap623 tex2html_wrap1053 tex2html_wrap1087 tex2html_wrap787 tex2html_wrap1091 tex2html_wrap619 tex2html_wrap1095

However, the safest way to purge a directory is to first purge all objects in that directory, then move up to its parent directory, and from this parent directory purge the unwanted subdirectory. See the HP48G/GX manual.

The HP48G/GX has a wide variety of programs and features that are extremely useful, and when we have used one of these applications we will not stay in the current directory. For example, if we want to convert the decimal 0.2 to the fraction 1/5, perform the following key strokes: 0.2 tex2html_wrap619 2pt tex2html_wrap623 tex2html_wrap1101 tex2html_wrap1103 tex2html_wrap1105

To return to the menus of the original directory, push the key tex2html_wrap927

Remember, to return to the menus of your current directory, push the key labeled VAR.

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Mike Stecher
Thu Mar 21 09:53:31 CST 1996