Free, Trial and Demo Software

If you don't see a free trial version, look for competitive student versions at
  1., or
  2., or

    and of course, the venerable

  4. and
  5. Google Product Search (formerly known as "froogle").


  1. An excellent (free) editor for Windows can be found at
Graphics Tools
  1. ImageMagick a comprehensive (and free) image conversion package for Windows. Somewhat hard to use, with a command line interface. It will convert gif to postscript....
  2. XnView a simple to use image manipulation software program.a This program can take snapshots of windows, which can then be cropped to a desired size. Will not write postscript files unfortunately!
Screen Capture Utilities
  1. Screen Grab Pro Freeware screen capture program. Easy to use, too.
  2. Source for SnagIt, Camtasia, DubIT. Check the Free Trials link.
  3. CamStudio - now available.
  1. Ghostscript Windows postscript viewer. Also includes ps2pdf. You should download gsview from this site also...
  1. Free MathML Plugin for IE5.5 Test it out on the MathML test suite
  2. A free reader for Mathematica, MathReader, is also available. You can view and run previously generated workbooks, but can't create new one ones. After you download the reader, go visit their library of resources and tutorials.
  3. A web-based front end for Mathematica computations can be seen here
Computer Algebra Systems
  1. A free downloadable version of Maple V R4 ( mvr4demo.exe) is available from Waterloo Software here (or here). Bear in mind that it only implements a subset of Maple commands, and does not (for example) allow you to define procedures. Nevertheless, as far as demonstrating the capabilities of Maple it is good.
  2. MuPad is no longer a separate CAS package. It has been acquired by MathWorks (ie MatLab) to replace Maple as their internal symbolic engine. An old version of MuPad Lite is still available.
  3. A free 30-day version of Maple 16 for Windows can be found here .
  4. You can get a free 30 day trial for MatLab. Fill out the required information to request the 30-day trial version. Unfortunately, it is no longer available to students....
  5. You can get a free 15 day trial for Mathematica 8 by filling out a request form.
  6. You can request a free 30 day trial of MathCad [search their web site].
  7. A free (GNU license) clone of Matlab called Octave is available. It is now available with a simulink capability.
  8. A free clone of Matlab called SciLab is available in pre-compiled binaries for Windows and Unix.
  9. A free (GNU license) clone of Macsyma, called Maxima is also available. There are Linux versions, and a link to a Windows executable.
  10. Another computer algebra system, called Reduce is available.
  11. Yet another CAS packages, called Derive is available for download. Texas Instruments uses this system on their graphing calculators.