I am a graduate student in the mathematics department at Texas A&M University. My research interests include combinatorics and its interaction with other fields, especially with algebra and topology.  I have a particular interest in combinatorial commutative algebra and algebraic combinatorics. My advisor is Laura Matusevich.

Contact Information

  • email: rbarrera@math.tamu.edu
  • Office: Blocker 510C


  • Power domination in cylinders, tori, and generalized Petersen graphs, with Daniela Ferrero, Networks, 58: 43-49. doi: 10.1002/net.20413
  • Computing Quasidegrees of A-graded Modules. Preprint, 2015.  arXiv:1510.07364
  • Discrete Envy-free Division of Necklaces and Maps, with Kathryn Nyman, Amanda Ruiz, Francis Edward Su, and Yan X. Zhang. Preprint, 2015. arXiv:1510.02132
  • Finiteness of Associated Primes of Local Cohomology Modules Over Stanley-Reisner Rings, with Jeffrey Madsen and Ashley K. Wheeler, Preprint 2016. arXiv:1609.05366