Math 673: Information, Secrecy, and Authentication I (Spring 2019, Sec. 600)

Math 673: Information, Secrecy, and Authentication I (Sec. 600)

TuTh: 9:10-10:50 in Blocker 121.

Instructor: Prof. J. Maurice Rojas
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Office Hours:W 1:15-3:15PM, and by appointment, in Blocker 620C




Detailed Course Information

Graduate status (in the College of Science or College of Engineering), or approval of the instructor.
Syllabus (subject to change)
Grading Policy: Participation (20%) + Bi-Weekly Homeworks (80%). If you are inclined to do a little research on recent advances in cryptology then you can substitute a final presentation (details to be finalized later) for 2 homeworks.
Note: I encourage collaboration on homework (provided you cite your colleagues and give appropriate credit) but please remember that you must write your final write-up on your own.
Make-Up Work:
Make-ups for homeworks will ONLY be given with documented University-approved excuses (see University Regulations). Whenever possible, you must inform me prior to missing an exam. Consistent with University Student Rules, you are required to notify me by the end of the second working day after an absence. Otherwise, you forfeit your rights to a make-up.
  • If you are late to class or miss lecture, you are solely responsible for finding out what material you missed, and learning it. To find out what material you missed, contact other students in the class.
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Students With Disabilities:
Every effort will be made to accomodate your specific needs --- just discuss the matter with me at the beginning of the semester. Please contact the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities (845-1637) if you need any additional assistance.
  • Please see for further details on homeworks, handouts, projects, and other announcements.

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